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Firestone Credit Card with $0 limit?

Death of RatsDeath of Rats Registered User regular
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I decided to get a fire stone credit card about a month ago so I'd have something to use in case of emergencies with my car. I haven't used it yet, but decided to log into their website to see exactly what my credit limit with the card would be. To my surprise, it says the limit is $0, with a $0 balance.

This is rather confusing to me... anyone have any experience with these?

No I don't.
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    ShogunShogun Hair long; money long; me and broke wizards we don't get along Registered User regular
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    Firestone pitched me this idea when I took my car there for regular maintenance while delivering pizzas. I did a lot of work there so it made sense, but I never got the card. They told me that first you buy an oil change with your card and pay it off. The limit then increases slowly as you get more done at the shop and pay it off.

    My american express worked in a similar fashion. The limit the card had was basically the highest dollar amount I ever had the charge total up to. For me at the time I think it was something like $960. They say an American Express has no charge limit, but that really isn't the truth.

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