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My router died! Recommend me a new one!

Sharp101Sharp101 TorontoRegistered User regular
edited August 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So the day has finally come. I get to shop for a new Wireless router.

They where messing with the power in the building today and when I came home my wireless was down. This isn't unusual, as I've had problems with my Linksys WRT300N since I bought it new a few years ago. A computer restart usually fixes it. Not this time! And both laptops can't connect either. Time to cut the power to the router and modem and plug them back in. No dice.

So I plug directly into it with my laptop and that doesn't work. so I try to connect to the router directly, no dice. I plug directly into the modem and get the fastest internet I can remember.

I'm going out tomorrow morning to pick up a new router. I need my starcraft fix but am limited to a wired connection on my Macbook in the living room.

So what should I get? It's a little short notice for me to do the proper research myself. Not to mention you guys are all knowing! All I need is something wireless N with a few ports on the back for my 360 and emergency wire.

tldr; My router died! Recommend me a new one! Wireless N! Buying Tomorrow!

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  • RynaRyna Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I wouldn't give up on Linksys if I were you. Because the Linksys WRT300N was one of the first N-routers available it had some problems..

    I'd go for the Linksys WRT120N, I bought one for my parents house, setup was simple, and they've had no probs, nor have I when I've been there.

    Ryna on
  • ZeonZeon Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    The only thing i can recommend is DONT get the WRT610N. Despite it being their "premium" class router, its garbage. I bought one because it was on sale, i have regretted it ever since. It constantly reboots and the wireless N likes to drop out constantly. Also it has problems with iPhones, like, if anyone with an iPhone even walks by my apartment, it drops all wireless connections. Considering my roommate has an iphone, this is a major problem. None of the major third party firmwares work on it either. DD-WRT has a version that installs, but its unstable as hell.

    I had a WRT160N and it worked really well. I actually gave it to my uncle and he uses it without any issues. I think they were discontinued though so theyre harder to find now. DD-WRT flashes onto it no problem, makes a really solid router for like, 60 bucks. Better than the 54g's in my opinion.

    Zeon on
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  • Sharp101Sharp101 TorontoRegistered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I was looking at the WRT610N, but Zeon and some other online reviews have turned me away.

    Then it came down to either the Linksys WRT400N or the Netgear WNDR3700.

    And I think after reading a few reviews, the Netgear comes out slightly on top. the 400N doesn't have gigabit connections and the 3700 has slightly better USB drive sharing and external access.

    Now to upgrade my Wireless card to take advantage of the 5Ghz band... this DWA-552 just won't cut it!

    Sharp101 on
  • WezoinWezoin Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I LOVE my time capsule. Its been running for about a year now, never had any problems with it, the easiest router in the world to set up, and its nice having automatic backups of my entire laptop. It is also basically an Airport Extreme with a hard drive hooked up to it, so if you don't want the backup stuff/want something cheaper you could go that route. Eitherway its the best, simplest, and easiest router I've ever had. (I had a D-link Wireless N EXTREME before it, and some SMC stuff - which is garbage)

    Wezoin on
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