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Flea Control

GuffreyGuffrey Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
My wife and I moved into our new house, and the frontline flea control for our dog lapsed. Our yard was overgrown with weeds, and we believe that there is a flea problem out there, and we are fixing on getting the lawn sprayed. So far, we have re-started frontline, had terminex spray the house, flea baths, etc, and are still finding fleas on our dog and cat. It doesn't seem like we have an infestation or anything, we are noticing any bites on ourselves, and you only ever find a couple at a time on the pets. I guess this morning my wife noticed a couple fleas, so gave both the dog and a cat a flea bath. Within a half hour or so of that being done, she found MORE fleas on each, and what she described as flea larvae on the cat's head. And the dog just started scratching again...

I've heard bad things about terminex, and we found a more affordable option that will spray house and yard, so that should be happening soon. Is there anything else we can do? I'm at the point where I think they may not be fleas, but my wife swears that they are. Help me H/A, before my Siberian cat becomes hairless from all the scratching!

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    kedinikkedinik Captain of Industry Registered User regular
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    I recommend Diatomaceous Earth.

    It's a non-toxic powder that kills any fleas that touch it.

    Powder up your animals every few days and comb them for fleas every day; that ought to clear up your flea problem within a few weeks.

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    skettiosskettios Enchanted ForestRegistered User regular
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    Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!

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    L Ron HowardL Ron Howard The duck MinnesotaRegistered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Go buy one of those flea-killing collars for your dog, and chop it up and throw it into your vacuum cleaner bag. That way when the fleas get sucked up, they die and don't just jump right back out.

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    FeatherBladeFeatherBlade Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Keeping your lawn well-watered and mowed really short may help too.

    Anecdotal, but the only time we ever had fleas in our house was one summer when the house sitter didn't mow the lawn. I don't think you need to get it sprayed.

    I would say get Frontline for your dog, and whatever the feline equivalent is for your cat. (I really should know that...)

    DE is a good suggestion: it will dry out the flea eggs so they die. If you have carpet, cover it with the DE and work it into the fibers with a broom.

    There are also some decent, non-toxic-to-animals flea spray that you can get. Spray fabric surfaces that your animal frequent. I can't remember the name, but it came in a blue spray bottle with a red spray head.

    And yes, vacuum every day for at least 3 weeks. A flea's life cycle tends to be about 14 days, or so I am told.

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