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UK confectionary orders, make them here



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    edited August 2010
    MelesMeles wrote: »
    Just so you guys know, I'll be bringing lots and lots of choccies and sweeties and lovely things. I'll be distributing them at random to everyone I see :)

    If you would like to actually order something (so that I keep it for you), please PM me with what you want and how much of it (in terms of cost or amount). So for example, if you tell me Giant Turk, $10, I'll bring as much giant turk as I can buy for $10. Or you could just say Giant Turk, one bar. And then I'll do that too. I'm easy.

    Also, if someone can buy/find a cheap tactical thigh pouch (the big dump pouches are ideal), I will trade them much chocolatey goodness for it. If you have one which you don't use anymore, that would be perfect, I just want it for carrying/distributing sweets/cookies. You can even have it back at the end of the weekend!

    I'll dig around and see if I can find my old gas mask bag.

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