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Moding entryway bookshelf/knick knack holder

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I spent a good hour trying to find the proper name of this thing and failed, so hopefully someone will be able to come along and tell me "oh this is a in-line flibity-gibbet", might make googling for ideas easier.

Basically the entryway to my apartment looks like this

| and - being walls, = being the door, and * being the book shelf thing I am talking about. The .'s are carpet, had to add them to get the **'s to line up.

The book shelf is made up of a bunch of compartment type things, almost exactly the depth/width of a dvd/video game case and varying in height from 1.5x a video game case to 4x.

I want to, without doing any permament damage -

1. Add shelves so that the taller units don't have so much unused space. These will need to support weight equal to roughly 10 dvd cases + discs.

2. Add a backing so that its not easy to knock things out of place from either side (I have almost knocked over a stack of dvd's when coming through the door with a bunch of groceries).

3. Add some sort of lighting so its easy to see the actual titles. My go to plan for this if I can't figure out something elegant would be one of those clip on lights used for kindles etc.

I would like to stay under $100 for this. I own a basic tool set and a power drill, so cutting through plexiglass or something for the backing might be problematic.

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