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Australia Registered User regular
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Hey there H/A, I'm going to Australia for 7 weeks and i need some ideas for things to do well I'm here I'll be staying on the east coast around Sydney and Melbourne. I already plan on bungee jumping and scuba diving. I'm fine with everything whether it be clubs. or a good restaurant or even some cool historical museum. If you got some cool ideas just leave them here on


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    ashridahashridah Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Let's see. Laundry list of things i'm taking my girlfriend to see in my home town (Melbourne) when i go there over christmas:

    Royal Melbourne Zoo
    Great Ocean Road / Torquay / 12 Apostles (Weather may not be up to the torquay bit) (involves driving)
    Melbourne Aquarium
    Ballarat (basically a recreation of the gold fields, if you're in to historical recreations)
    There's a series of museums and whatnot around Southbank (south side of the yarra river, which is the bottom part of the city center)
    Observation deck of either the Rialto, or the Eureka Tower (the Eureka is higher, and has a funky glass box that slides out the side for the "standing on air" feel, but i haven't been up there)
    Budget at least a full day, preferably 2-3 to just wander around the streets of Melbourne if you can, there's tonnes of smaller, interesting shops.
    Echuca (couple of hours drive north), for things like paddlesteamers and some other interesting historical recreations, plus plenty of countryside on the way.
    Mountains of clubs in the city as well (alcohol age limit is 18, btw)

    <biased> Sydney's boring in comparison. </biased>

    ashridah on
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    CrossBusterCrossBuster Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I've only been to Australia once, and it was a long time ago (2000 Olympics), but I absolutely loved it. You should have a blast, regardless of the advice you get here.

    You mentioned scuba diving, where do you plan on diving? Are you going to make a trip up north and dive in the barrier reef? I did that when I visited, and it was easily the highlight of the trip. I recommend it, if it's at all possible.

    CrossBuster on
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    CryogenCryogen Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    I like Ashridah's list. Only point I would contest is Echuca, it's not a day trip, its too far. You'd need to plan to stay in Echuca overnight. Realistically you'd need to stay two nights, so you have one entire day to experience the paddle steamers and stuff. Ballarat would probably be better as an overnighter as well but you could squeeze that one in.

    I was in Sydney last year for a spare day as an extended stopover. I really liked the Sydney aquarium, definitely go see that. The dock area around the Aquarium looked worthy of exploring too but I didn't have enough time. Hyde Park was nice to walk through, and I then walked around the edge of the Botanical Gardens, which lets you see lots of the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and finish up at the Opera House. The Botanical Gardens are really nice as well.

    I would have suggested you go see a game of AFL football, but the season is just about to end. Personally I don't really like the game but it's pretty iconically Australian. I'd also have suggested Rugby, but I think their season ends around the same time... I don't follow it at all though so someone can correct me. If you're here at the right time you could catch a cricket match... if you've never watched cricket before go to a 20/20 game, the other forms are just too long and generally unexciting for someone unfamiliar with the sport.

    So when are you coming? That might influence the ideas a bit, its really cold in Melbourne right now for example so I certainly wouldn't recommend much where you'll be out in the elements :)

    Cryogen on
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    plufimplufim Dr Registered User regular
    edited August 2010
    There's some pretty great stuff you could do outside of the cities as well. The blue mountains are a beautiful spot to visit, heaps of national parks with walking trails, etc. Also, if you're into wines, the hunter valley has some great wineries you could visit for tastings and more tastings.

    Cryogen, yeah, Rugby is also drawing to a close, they're staggered 1 week apart.

    plufim on
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    theSquidtheSquid Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited August 2010
    Whatever you do, don't come here on a boat.

    theSquid on
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