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Deciding on next PC upgrade

ShinyRedKnightShinyRedKnight Registered User regular
So after sorting through some recent issues with my PC I realized its a good time to upgrade.

To give you an idea of what I'm working with, here is my budget, current build, and goals with an upgrade.

Budget: $300-400 (400 is really pushing it though)

Current build:

mobo- ASUS rampage formula

PSU- corsair 750 watt

CPU- intel core 2 duo e6850 at 3ghz

Video card- Geforce 9800 gtx+ at 512 mb

Memory- 4gb of g.skill ddr2 ram

OS- Windows 7 32bit

Monitor- 19 inch Dell sp2008wfp at 1680x1050

Goal: I really want to hit 1920x1080 resolution with max settings in games like Starcraft 2 and WoW and near max settings at the same resolution with games like ME 2 and Dragon Age.

Obviously, with my goal I'm looking at a monitor upgrade. However, when trying to get max settings on my current monitor's resolution in SC 2 the game warns me its not recommended and I need more video memory (1gb to be exact). So that would mean a new graphics card with the new monitor.

Keeping all this in mind and my budget I found the following products to interesting:


Video card-

Now I am not sure if these are the best options, so I would like to hear from you all! Thanks in advance.

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