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Audacity vs. GarageBand & Photostory 3 vs. IMovie

Agent99Agent99 Registered User regular
edited August 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm in a music class that wants us to use the programs Photostory 3 and Audacity. I have a mac and Photostory 3 isn't available for mac users. I was wondering if anyone could tell if IMovie will allow me to do the same stuff as Photostory 3. I'm not really sure what kind of assignments we will have. I know she wants us to be able to have pictures and then have voice overs and music playing as well.

My professor wants us to be able to record the audio from class to be able to use in our projects. Is there a way to do this on my mac and be able to edit parts out, my professor gave the example of someone coughing. I know I can record in IMovie over pictures but is there a way to just save audio?

I've been watching tutorials online about Garageband and I think it might work with what I need to do. I was just hoping someone could go over key differences between Garageband and Audacity.


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