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iPhone users, get the Conventionist! Mobile guide for PAX

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Hey fellow PAX attendees! If you haven't already heard via twitter or Joystiq, you might be interested to know that we're debuting an iPhone app called The Conventionist with PAX as it's first expo.

Essentially, its a mobile convention guide with support for custom schedules, alerts, maps, etc etc. Currently its iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad only, but there is an Android version in the works. Below are some screenshots to give you an idea of the tasty goodness. We love comments, suggestions, and feedback. Also glowing app-store reviews :).

[ full size ]

Android users, we hear you!
We're working hard to get the Android version ready. There's a decent chance it will be done before PAX, so check back here before Friday for an update. In the mean time, another another PAX goer nickswar has made a similar app

See you guys at PAX!

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