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Audience ?s 4 the RISE of the INDIES Playdead, Uber, Lazy8, Twisted Pixel,Dark Energy

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On Saturday in the Developer Lounge (yes there will be a giveaway) , we are having a series of talks culminating in the RISE of the INDIES talk with the makers of Hydrophobia, Cogs, Limbo, Comic Jumper and Monday Night Combat! We want to use questions from the PAX forum fans for the discussion. So fire away on this thread! I'll give you the credit of course in the panel for the question. And come join us on Saturday!!


Developer Lounge (310)
Saturday September 4th 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Rise of the Indie Game Developer

Moderator: Gordon Bellamy, acting Executive Director, IGDA

Rob Jagnow Lazy 8 Studios
Pete Jones Dark Energy
Bob Berry Uber Entertainment
Dino Patti Playdead
Michael Wilford Twisted Pixel Games

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    Here are the panels that lead up to RISE of the INDIES. . .they progress through the day like a career from Finding the Right Gaming School for you (12:noon) , to Finding a Gaming Internship (1:30p), to Game Careers Outside of Programming (3p) then RISE of the INDIES @4p. It should be a fun day if you are interested in getting in the game industry.


    The show details are below:

    Developer Lounge (310)

    Saturday September 4th 12:00pm – 1:00pm

    What Videogame School Is Right For Me?

    This panel includes representatives from as many game dev programs as
    we can muster. The point is to get the panel talking about what their
    programs are like and what kind of student finds them a good fit.


    Jeannie Novak, Lead Author & Series Editor, Game Development Essentials


    Jeremy Gibson, University of Southern
    California (USC)

    Patrick Pennefather Great Northern Way

    James Portnow DigiPen Institute of Technology

    José P. Zagal DePaul University

    Developer Lounge (310)

    Saturday September 4th 1:30pm – 2:30pm

    Getting a Game Industry Internship

    This panel features representatives from game companies that run
    active, ongoing internship programs, and perhaps one or two current
    interns. This panel focuses on what it's like to be an intern at a
    game company and how to get this kind of job.

    Getting a Game Industry Internship


    Benjamin Ellinger , Head of Game Education, Digipen


    Sue Bohle The Bohle Company

    David Chiu Intel

    Jim Rivers Obsidian Entertainment

    Jessica Blair Sandstorm

    TBD Digipen Student

    James Seaman Topware

    Developer Lounge (310)

    Saturday September 4th 3:00pm – 4:00pm

    Game Devs Aren't Just Programmers

    Representatives from design, localization, audio, writing, marketing,
    artists, producers, etc. fill this panel, moderated by a programmer.
    The point is to describe what these non-programming jobs are, how they
    participate in making games, and how tech-heavy this kind of job is or
    is not.

    Game Devs Aren't Just Programmers


    Tom Buscaglia , Board Member, IGDA


    Jeff Royle AMD

    Kate Edwards Englobe

    Michael Csurics Brand X Audio

    Peter Alau Digital Extremes

    Ben Johnson fmr. Rockstar San Diego

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