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Finding Treasure! (Xbox 360)

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Greetings and salutations fellow forum browsers. If your anything like me your probably stingy with your money and are generally looking for some good value for your dollar. Well some of you may have heard of the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel, which is largely riddled with games that provide less entertainment than throwing a penny at your sibling/neighbors pet/wall. However - there are a slowly growing number of very quality titles to be had on the channel. Problem is there are so many games - who has time to sift through all the trash? - thats who. Lately I've been going here for a inexpensive gaming fix, and its quite impressive what's out there. More recently he's started bunching reviews together into single videos like this one:


If nothing else you simply have got to try out the radiangames series. He's got a new one coming out very shortly. Quality stuff that will easily last you 2-3x the run time of a movie for 80-240pts. That site has really helped me to find the treasure in the channel. Take a look, and do something useful with those leftover points! :mrgreen:

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