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Dual Monitor-Friendly Desks



  • king awesomeking awesome Registered User regular
    Storm, that is downright gorgeous.

    I'm a curious individual so if you don't mine me asking some questions.

    - What do you do for a living (just curious if this is a setup for some badass video/audio editing or something like that).
    - Is the rackmount server what you are using for a gaming/general-use PC? Or is it some powerhouse for work?

    The rackmount seems like a damn good idea to integrate it right in to your desk and still have it out of the way but accessible.
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  • DanielHethDanielHeth Springdale, ARRegistered User regular
    king awesome, not sure who you're refering to but maybe everybody could answer with their own answers as well...

    As for my setup, I'm a programmer, webcaster, etc... My primary "day-job" is a professional services engineer for the 2nd top rated tech company in the nation. But i'm also in the work-a-holic club, thus on the side I develop programs and release them for general use along with producing a few web shows broadcasted LIVE on ustream.

    My day-job requires me to work on multiple operating systems at once so a multiple monitor setup perfectly suits my needs. Plus i have the added benifit when i'm coding my own projects...

  • king awesomeking awesome Registered User regular
    Oh, mainly for Storm because I was curious how he was utilizing that setup.

    But I'm a curious individual and I'm always interested in how people have their workflow set up.
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  • Storm ShadowStorm Shadow Registered User regular
    Hey guys -- sry for the late response. I think you'll be happy to hear that this is not a "workstation" per se -- it's a dedicated gaming space that I have set up for extremely high-quality interactive experiences. I have a 17" mac book pro that I use for pretty much everything work related (photo editing, email, etc). The expansive amount of real estate there does enable me to test and develop gaming and PC accessories (a sideline occupation these days), but this is mainly for my personal enjoyment.

    Right now the rackmounts are full of storage and audio gear and the PC is up on the shelf (the HP Blackbird 002 case). My 5U server is empty at the moment but will soon be outfitted with a 6 drive silent NAS that i'm building for much needed backup storage. I have 2 huge (80" tall) rolling racks filled with home theater gear (and another rackmount HTPC) in the main theater room. Someday I will get around to finishing the photos of all of this and post them...

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