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5:00 Raffles

RoyceSraphimRoyceSraphim Registered User regular
edited September 2010 in PAX Archive
How many are going on? I know Nvidia is having one as is Mad Catz, is there one more I am forgetting?

RoyceSraphim on


  • BrennaCeDriaBrennaCeDria Registered User
    edited September 2010
    ALL OF THEM. At least, that's what it felt like. Thank god for some of them starting early, cause my husband and I had 3 that were at 5pm today, and without them starting early, we'd never have gotten to all of them.

    BrennaCeDria on
  • MadpoetMadpoet Registered User regular
    edited September 2010
    Big props to the companies that did silent raffles. The crowds around the raffles get worse each year. I know they want people excited, but they're kind of an ugly scene, especially with the enforcers making people pack in to clear a lane. People throw elbows when a shirt goes flying... just not cool.
    The ones that were texting winners made for a better environment - and got me to come back to their booth and take interest. Without a crowd of swag hungry people.

    Madpoet on
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