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Jonathan Coulton Cruise - plugged at the concert

Cultural Geek GirlCultural Geek Girl Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in PAX Archive
If you were at the Jonathan Coulton concert you probably heard him plug this: JoCo Cruise Crazy.

It's a Caribbean Cruise from January 2-8 2011, featuring some of your favorite nerd performers. We aren't taking over the whole ship (yet), but there should be a bunch of nerds there having a great time.

For those of you craving a third PAX or just wanting to see more JoCo, Paul and Storm and Wil Wheaton, this may be a good option. For those of you interested in John Hodgman, Molly Lewis, Mike Phirman, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett it's an even better option.

I don't work for the cruise or anything, but I signed up myself a few months ago. Since it got a mention at PAX I figured I'd throw out a link.

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  • skarsolskarsol Registered User regular
    edited September 2010
    Already signed up for this ages ago. :)

    skarsol on
    why are you smelling it?
  • tr0tskytr0tsky Registered User regular
    edited September 2010
    I would, but it is one of the two busiest times of the year at work for me, since I work for a University.

    tr0tsky on
  • SwordMageSwordMage Registered User regular
    edited September 2010
    With the change-up in Barenaked Ladies having occurred, this is the one music-based cruise I'd hit.

    Unfortunately, PAX and SDCC are in the works for next year, making this not happening.

    SwordMage on
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  • MJPMMJPM Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Looked for this thread, and just now found it. The cruise was awesome. Check YouTube or the JoCo boards for more information.

    Also, watching Jonathan Coulton witness karaoke of his work will be a memory of mine forever. Even more singing in front of him. This picture tells all:

    Untitled by randal-schwartz, on Flickr

    MJPM on
  • gracefulshrimpgracefulshrimp Registered User new member
    edited January 2011
    I also went on JOCO Cruise Crazy.


    excellent even :)

    Head over to Flickr to see the Group Photo

    gracefulshrimp on
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