Let's Play Lone Wolf: Book 22, Mydnight's Hero. We need Grand Master Dicipline: Spelling.



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    So, anyone else notice the plothole on page 320?

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    So, anyone else notice the plothole on page 320?

    Good eye. There's even a little note on the page about it being a mistake if you haven't run into them before.
    Ignore the Prince's comments in the first paragraph if you have not spoken with these men before (cf. the route from Section 256 through Section 111).

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    Yeah I noticed that, thought it was just me missing something though!

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    Oops got bit by the D3 bug :P

    New Order
    Rune War

    The Story So Far
    Exceeded post length limit, please go here:
    to read the backstory.

    Our Kai Name
    For these books, we get to name ourselves. Going to be interesting to have no one able to call us by name. We can come up with our own, or if no one has a god idea, I can roll up a name from the below table that they provided.
    Our randomly decided name is Stormheart!

    Kai and Magnakai Disciplines
    During your distinguished rise to the ranks of the New Order of Kai Grand Masters, you have become proficient in all of the basic Kai and Magnakai Disciplines. These Disciplines provide you with a formidable arsenal of natural abilities which will serve you well. A brief summary of your skills is given below:
    You are proficient with all close combat and missile weapons. You are a master of unarmed combat and suffer no COMBAT SKILL loss when fighting bare-handed.

    Animal Control
    You are able to communicate with most animals and have limited control over hostile creatures. You can use woodland animals as guides and you are able to block a non-sentient creature's sense of taste and smell.

    You are able to restore ENDURANCE points lost as a direct result of combat. You may restore 1 ENDURANCE point for every numbered section of the book you pass through in which you are not involved in further combat. The maximum number of ENDURANCE points that can be restored in this way is limited to 10 per adventure.
    You also possess the ability to heal the wounds of others, and you can neutralize the harmful effects of most poisons, venoms, and toxins.

    You can hide effectively in most environments, mask any sounds made during movement, and you can cause minor alterations of your own physical appearance. Also you are able to mask your own body heat and scent.

    You are an expert hunter of food in the wild. You possess great physical agility and a keen sense of vision (day and night). Your senses of hearing and smell are especially acute.

    You are able to understand most languages, magical symbols, and hieroglyphics. You are expert at reading footprints and tracks. You have an intuitive knowledge of the compass points and can detect the threat of an enemy ambush up to a distance of 500 yards. You possess an ability to cross terrain without leaving tracks. You can converse with sentient creatures and mask yourself from psychic spells of detection.

    You are able to attack enemies using the powers of your mind. Also you can set up disruptive vibrations in inanimate objects and cause confusion in the minds of unsophisticated enemies.

    You possess strong mental defences against hypnosis, supernatural illusions, charms, hostile telepathy, and evil spirits. You are able to divert and re-channel some hostile psychic energy to your own ends.

    You can move small items by projection of your mind power. You can withstand extremes of temperature and are able to extinguish fire by force of your will alone. You have a limited immunity to flames, toxic gases, and corrosive liquids.

    Your famous Kai Sixth Sense can warn you of imminent danger. You can detect invisible or hidden enemies, and you are able to communicate telepathically. You can recognize magic-using and/or magical creatures, detect psychic residues, and you have a limited ability to leave your corporeal body (‘spirit-walk’) for short periods.

    New Order Kai Grand Master Disciplines
    After years of martial training and study at the Kai Monastery, and by the rigorous practice of the teachings of your illustrious mentor—Kai Supreme Master Lone Wolf—you have achieved the noble rank of Kai Grand Master Senior.

    Following in the footsteps of Lone Wolf himself, you have vowed that one day you will become totally proficient in all 16 of the New Order Kai Grand Master Disciplines. By doing so successfully you will share with Lone Wolf the responsibility, the honour, and the future glory of leading the New Order Kai as a Supreme Master.

    Your present rank of Kai Grand Master Senior means that you have mastered four of the New Order Grand Master Disciplines listed below. It is for you to decide which four Disciplines these are. As all of the New Order Grand Master Disciplines may be of use to you at some point during your mission, pick these four skills with care. The correct use of a New Order Grand Master Discipline at the right time could save your life.

    Grand Weaponmastery
    This Discipline enables a New Order Grand Master to become supremely efficient in the use of all weapons. When you enter combat armed with one of your Grand Master weapons, you may add 5 points to your COMBAT SKILL. The rank of Kai Grand Master Senior, with which you begin the New Order series, means that you are skilled in the use of one of the weapons listed in the Equipment section.1 For every adventure that you complete successfully in the New Order series while possessing the Discipline of Grand Weaponmastery, you will gain proficiency with one additional weapon.

    If you have the Discipline of Grand Weaponmastery with Bow, you may add 3 points to any number you pick from the Random Number Table, when using the Bow.

    Animal Mastery
    New Order Grand Masters have considerable control over hostile, non-sentient creatures. Also, they have the ability to converse with birds and fishes, and use them as guides.

    Deliverance (Advanced Curing)
    New Order Grand Masters are able to use their healing power to repair serious battle-wounds. If, while in combat, their ENDURANCE is reduced to 8 points or less, they can draw upon their mastery to restore 20 ENDURANCE points. This emergency ability can only be used once every 20 days.

    Assimilance (Advanced Invisibility)
    New Order Grand Masters are able to effect striking changes to their physical appearance, and maintain these changes over a period of one to three days. They have also mastered advanced camouflage techniques which make them virtually undetectable in an open landscape.

    Grand Huntmastery
    New Order Grand Masters are able to see in total darkness and they possess great natural speed and agility. They also have a superb sense of touch and taste. If you have chosen the Discipline of Grand Huntmastery as one of your skills, you will not need to tick off a Meal when instructed to eat.

    Grand Pathsmanship
    New Order Grand Masters are able to resist entrapment by hostile plants. Also they have a super-awareness of ambush, or the threat of ambush, in woods and dense forests.

    When using their psychic ability to attack an enemy, New Order Grand Masters may add 8 points to their COMBAT SKILL. For every round in which Kai-surge is used, they need only deduct 1 ENDURANCE point. Grand Masters have the option of using a weaker form of psychic attack called Mindblast. When using this lesser attack, they may add 4 points to their COMBAT SKILL without loss of ENDURANCE points (Kai-surge and Mindblast cannot be used simultaneously). New Order Grand Masters cannot use Kai-surge if their ENDURANCE score falls to 6 points or below.

    During psychic combat, New Order Grand Masters are able to construct mind-fortresses capable of protecting themselves and others. The strength and capacity of these fortresses increase as a New Order Grand Master advances in rank.

    Grand Nexus
    New Order Grand Masters are able to withstand contact with harmful elements, such as flames and acids, for upwards of an hour in duration. This ability increases as a New Order Grand Master advances in rank.

    Telegnosis (Advanced Divination)
    This Discipline enables a New Order Grand Master to spirit-walk for far greater lengths of time, and with far fewer ill effects. Duration of the spirit-walk and the protection afforded to his inanimate body increase as a New Order Grand Master advances in rank.

    Magi-magic (Old Kingdom Magic)
    Under the tutelage of Lone Wolf, you have been able to master the rudimentary skills of Old Kingdom battle-magic. These arcane skills include the use of basic Old Kingdom Spells, such as Shield, Power Word, and Invisible Fist. As you advance in rank, so will your knowledge and mastery of Old Kingdom magic increase.

    Kai-alchemy (Brotherhood Magic)
    Under the tutelage of Lone Wolf and Guildmaster Banedon (the leader of Sommerlund's Guild of Magicians), you have mastered the elementary spells of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. These spells include Lightning Hand, Levitation, and Mind Charm. As you advance in rank, so will your knowledge and mastery of Brotherhood magic increase.

    The celestial bodies which occupy the skies above Magnamund have long been known to affect the lives of its inhabitants. Mastery of this Discipline enables a New Order Grand Master to predict and shape the future by studying the relative positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the myriad planets and stars. The number and accuracy of these predictions increase as a New Order Grand Master advances in rank.

    Mastery of this New Order Discipline enables a Grand Master to identify readily any substance derived from living or growing organic material. He is aware of any secret uses to which an organic material may be put, and he is skilled in effecting the release of a substance's medicinal and/or magical properties.

    This Discipline enables a New Order Grand Master to manipulate the four basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. By drawing upon individual elements that are available, or combinations thereof, he is able to detach, affix, increase, concentrate, intensify, remove, or accelerate this matter to fulfil a specific purpose, e.g. create a wall, hurl a rock, spray sand, remove air, intensify fire. The versatility of this Discipline increases as a New Order Grand Master advances in rank.

    Through mastery of this Discipline a Kai Grand Master of the New Order becomes a multi-talented performer, proficient in the use of any musical instrument. He is able to sing or chant, recite or compose tales of legend, mimic speech or dialect, and stimulate a wide range of emotions among sentient creatures. The effect and power of his bardic abilities will steadily increase as he advances through the Grand Master ranks.
    If you successfully complete the mission as set in Book 21 of the Lone Wolf (New Order) series, you may add a further Grand Master Discipline of your choice to your Action Chart in Book 22. For every Grand Master Discipline you possess, in excess of the original four Disciplines you begin with, you may add 1 point to your basic COMBAT SKILL score and 2 points to your basic ENDURANCE points score. These bonus points, together with your extra Grand Master Discipline, your original four Grand Master Disciplines, your Kai Weapon, and any other Special Items that you have found and been able to keep during your adventures, may then be carried over and used in the next New Order adventure.

    Improved Grand Master Disciplines
    As you rise through the higher levels of Grand Mastery you will find that your Disciplines will steadily improve.
    Kai Grand Master Superior

    If you are a New Order Kai who has attained the rank of Kai Grand Master Superior, you will now benefit from improvements to the following Grand Master Disciplines:

    Animal Mastery
    Kai Grand Master Superiors who possess this Discipline are able to deter predatory animals in the wild by exuding a scent which is repellent to them. In order for this improved Discipline to work effectively, a Kai Grand Master Superior must be aware of the species of predatory animal he/she wishes to deter. The scent can only be detected by the targeted animal.

    Kai Grand Master Superiors who possess this skill are able to create a noise and project it up to 15 yards away from their location. The noise is akin to the rumbling sound of thunder and it can be used to distract or divert an enemy's attention. This improved Discipline requires a degree of preparation and therefore it cannot be used during combat.

    Kai Grand Master Superiors who possess this Discipline are skilled in the use of all mechanical devices designed to measure and/or observe the cosmology of Magnamund. Such devices include sextants, astrolabes, and orreries.

    Kai Grand Master Superiors who have this Discipline are able to purify water, thereby making contaminated or briny water suitable for consumption. Roughly two pints of water per day can be purified using this skill alone. This daily total steadily increases as a Grand Master advances in rank.

    Kai Grand Master Superiors who possess this skill are able to condense pure water out of the surrounding air. This water can be made to fall as a fine spray or as a sudden deluge. It can also be made to fill any suitable container or receptacle. Using this skill, Grand Master Superiors can create the equivalent of one large bucketful of fresh water.

    Kai Grand Master Superiors who possess this Discipline are able to utilize their musical skills to pacify an excited or hostile animal.

    Kai Grand Sentinel
    Grand Weaponmastery
    Kai Grand Sentinels who possess this Discipline are, when physically parted from their Kai Weapon, able to detect its location. This power of detection will pass through solid objects, with the notable exception of lead. Accuracy and range of detection steadily increase as a Grand Master rises in rank.

    Grand Pathsmanship
    Kai Grand Sentinels who possess this skill are able to predict the weather accurately for the forthcoming 3 hours. The range of this ability is an area 10 square miles around the Kai Grand Sentinel. Duration and range steadily increase as a Kai Grand Master rises in rank.

    Kai Grand Sentinels who possess this Discipline are able to detect psychic residues left on an object by its owner. The more valuable the object is to its owner, the stronger will be the lingering psychic attachment. The majority of everyday or shared objects do not retain such residues.

    Through their knowledge and use of common plants, Kai Grand Sentinels who have this Discipline are able to make contaminated or rotten food fit for human consumption.

    Kai Grand Sentinels who possess this skill are able to charge particles of air electrically around any man-sized or smaller object. The particles will automatically discharge and cause damage should the affected object be touched or opened. Kai Grand Sentinels are able to handle a charged object without discharging it.

    Kai Grand Sentinels who possess this Discipline are able to use their singing or playing to counter a hostile sonic attack. The effective use and range of this sonic defence steadily increase as a Grand Master rises in rank.

    Kai Grand Defender
    Kai Grand Defenders who possess this Discipline have the ability to repair the effects of natural decay in materials such as wood, stone, cloth, metal, etc. By touching the decaying object, a Kai Grand Defender is able to reverse damage caused by rot, rust, or mould.

    By use of this Discipline, a Kai Grand Defender is able to locate a known or familiar material object. Initially the range of this ability is limited to a 15-foot radius, however this distance steadily increases as a Kai Grand Master advances in rank.

    Kai Grand Defenders who possess this Discipline are skilled in the use of all common astrological devices used to predict future events. Such devices include cards, dice, and crystal spheres.

    Kai Grand Defenders who possess this Discipline are able to neutralize any poisonous toxins that may be present in organic materials such as plants, berries, and fruits. Through the use of this skill, the transformation of toxins can sometimes result in an increase in ENDURANCE and/or COMBAT SKILL when the previously poisonous matter is swallowed.

    By using this Discipline, Kai Grand Defenders are able to summon up a dense, misty vapour to obscure themselves from both normal and infravision (night sight). This mist will occur within 5 feet of the Kai Grand Defender and will last for three to five minutes. Range and duration increase as a Grand Master rises in rank.

    Kai Grand Defenders who possess this Discipline are able to use their musical skills to pacify (and/or implant a suggestion into the mind of) an intelligent creature within audible range. This improved Discipline is similar in effect to the Brotherhood Spell Mind Charm (Kai-alchemy).


    Gold Crowns: 50

    You may also select five items from the list below, only two of which may be Weapons:
      Axe (Weapons) Sword (Weapons) Bow (Weapons) Quiver (Special Items) -- This contains six Arrows; record them on your Action Chart. Lute (Backpack Item) Dagger (Weapons) Broad Sword (Weapons) 2 Meals (Meals) -- Each Meal takes up one space in your Backpack. Rope (Backpack Item) Potion of Laumspur (Backpack Item) -- This potion restores 4 ENDURANCE points to your total when swallowed after combat. There is enough for only one dose. Axe (Weapons)

    By default, I am grabbing the bow, 2 meals, and the potion as backpack items. In addition, I am taking the quiver, and the +20 hp potion and +2 CR amulet we earned last adventure as special items.

    Kai Weapons
    Upon reaching the ultimate rank of Kai Supreme Master, Lone Wolf received as a reward from the God Kai many new skills and abilities. One of these skills was Kai Weaponcraft. Using his newfound mastery, Lone Wolf forged ten weapons of magical power in the armoury furnaces of the Kai Monastery. These magical weapons are reserved for the élite of the New Order Kai who attain the rank of Grand Master.

    In recognition of your rank and achievement, you may choose your own Kai Weapon from the table below.
    Weapon Type	Weapon Name	CS	Unique Properties
    Axe		‘Spawnsmite’	+5	versus reptilian enemies +6
    Axe		‘Alema’		+5	versus undead enemies +7
    Axe		‘Magnara’	+5	versus rock or stone +8
    Sword		‘Sunstrike’	+5	when used in daylight +6
    Sword		‘Kaistar’	+5	when used at night +7
    Sword		‘Valiance’	+5	versus magicians +8
    Sword		‘Ulnarias’	+5	when used underwater +9
    Broadsword	‘Raumas’	+5	versus winged enemies +6
    Broadsword	‘Illuminatus’	+5	when used underground +7
    Broadsword	‘Firefall’	+5	versus fire-emitting enemies +8

    (Note: the book gives us some leeway to generate our own, so if, say, people really wanted an axe with the underground bonus, we can do that.)
    When using this Kai Weapon in normal combat you may add +5 points to your COMBAT SKILL. Each Kai Weapon has a unique property. When you use your Kai Weapon in combat against the type of enemy that matches its unique property, or use it at the optimum time or location, then you may add the higher bonus to your COMBAT SKILL.
    Our sword is the Kaistar.

    Levels of New Order Kai Grand Mastership
      Kai Grand Master Senior Kai Grand Master Superior Kai Grand Sentinel Kai Grand Defender -- This is our rank. Kai Grand Guardian Sun Knight Sun Lord Sun Thane Grand Thane Grand Crown Sun Prince Kai Supreme Master

    Our Status
    Name: Stormheart
    Weapon: Kaistar
    New Powers: TBD
    Inventory: TBD

    Combat Skill: 33
    Endurance: 42

    Please choose one new skill and any other inventory items you want.

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    Black Desert: Family Name: Foolery. Characters: Tome & Beerserk.
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    Same question.

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    Alrighty I got my D3 fix (for now :P). Back to regular updating.

    We have:
    Grand Pathmanship
    Grand Weaponmastery

    Overwatch: TomFoolery#1388
    Black Desert: Family Name: Foolery. Characters: Tome & Beerserk.
    (Retired) GW2 Characters (Fort Aspenwood): Roy Gee Biv
    (Retired) Let's Play: Lone Wolf
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    I don't see Kai-Screen in that list.

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    I am about 99% sure we didn't take it in favor of some other power. Though I guess I can also read that as a vote for Screen?

    Page 1: Lone Wolf's announcement that the Kai must prepare for a crusade in the Stornlands galvanizes the monastery into a frenzy of activity. Eagerly the members of the New Order set about their duties, and the preparations for the march to Quarlen are completed within two days as planned. On the morning of the third day, the Kai assemble in the training park in full battle-dress. A deathly hush descends upon the gathering as every Kai Lord, from lowly initiate to Grand Master, listens with trepidation as Lone Wolf reads aloud a list of names. One in five of all those present must stay to defend the monastery, and Lone Wolf's list contains the names of the one hundred Kai he has chosen to remain behind. As each of these warriors is called, so they leave the assembled ranks to take up guard positions on the battlements and towers. Graciously they accept their lot, though none are glad to have been chosen.

    The march begins shortly before noon. Lone Wolf rides at the head of the column, in the company of nine who comprise yourself, your four fellow Grand Masters, Gwynian the Sage, and a trio of Kai Mentoras who proudly hold aloft the battle-banners of the Kai, the Royal Arms of Sommerlund, and (in Gwynian's honour) a scarlet standard bearing the crossed swords of Varetta. The long ride south offers many Sommlending a rare opportunity to see the Kai travelling together in battle-order. Word of your coming spreads quickly through towns and villages that lie on your route, and hundreds turn out to wave and cheer as you pass.


    Favoured by cool dry weather, the column makes swift progress as it crosses the Southlund Marches and enters the remote province of Ruanon. Within a week you have reached Casiorn, the City of Merchants, where fresh provisions and a comfortable billet are provided by High-Mayor Kordas. Lone Wolf learns from Kordas that Vandyan's armies have now seized control of Lyris and are grouping along the River Quarl in preparation to push east towards Casiorn itself. Kordas's mercenaries are holding a defensive line along the river's east bank, having destroyed all the bridges at Quarlen to hinder the enemy's advance. Their commander, Lord Nathuro of Anari, is keenly awaiting the arrival of the Kai. Less encouraging is the news from Varetta. The city has endured a cruel and relentless bombardment from Vandyan's hordes and has suffered many casualties, yet its ancient walls still stand and stoically its citizens are keeping the besieging enemy at bay. The news that Varetta has not fallen raises Gwynian's spirits, but few, including the sage himself, expect the city to survive unaided for much longer.

    The column departs from Casiorn early the following day and rides due west towards Quarlen. For four days you follow the highway towards your destination and, with each passing day, so the number of refugees that you encounter steadily increases. Most are Lyrisian, but there are also Deldenian and Salonese among their numbers. Forced out of their homes by the war, they have salvaged what few possessions they can carry and have crossed the River Quarl. Now they are settled in tented encampments all along the fertile valley which separates the Slovarian and Quarlen mountains.


    ‘Regard these people well,’ commands Lone Wolf, as the column rides past their makeshift settlements, ‘and remember that their survival, and the survival of thousands like them, depends upon the swift success of our crusade.’

    Turn to 207.


    Page 207: Rune War

    You are four days out of Casiorn when, shortly after noon, the column reaches the outskirts of Quarlen. Many of the mercenary regiments of Anari, Firalond, and Kakush are encamped around its fortified wall and they give a rousing cheer when your banner is first sighted by their lookouts. Proudly Lone Wolf acknowledges their salutes as he leads the Kai through the town's East Gate and along a wide street which descends towards the River Quarl. The column is signalled to halt when it comes to a large square, and quietly you await Lone Wolf's order to dismount. This square is located close to the eastern approach to a wide stone bridge that no longer crosses the river, its central span having been destroyed to prevent the enemy from using it. Three Anarian officers arrive on foot and request that Lone Wolf and Gwynian accompany them to a nearby tavern where the mercenary commander, Lord Nathuro, has set up his headquarters. Lone Wolf agrees to their request, but before he goes he orders that you and your fellow Grand Masters secure good stabling and billets for the Kai in the buildings which border upon this square.

    Within the hour, you have carried out Lone Wolf's orders in full. Your own billet consists of a room above a tailor's shop that you share with Bright Star, a friend and fellow Grand Master. You are preparing a meal when a messenger arrives with an order from Lone Wolf for all Grand Masters to join him at once at the Barrel Bridge Tavern—Lord Nathuro's headquarters.

    Upon entering the tavern's spacious taproom, Lone Wolf immediately introduces you and your comrades to Lord Nathuro and his captains. A Council of War has already taken place and Lone Wolf has settled with Nathuro which of his regiments the Kai are to command. He hands lists of these units to Bright Star and the other Grand Masters, and then he orders them to go and inform the Kai of their command postings. You are wondering why you have not been handed one of these lists as you get ready to leave the tavern, but as you turn to go, Lone Wolf orders you to remain. Soon you discover why it is that you have not been allocated a regimental command.

    Turn to 227.


    Page 227: When the other Grand Masters have left the taproom, Lone Wolf tells you of an important mission that he and Gwynian want you to undertake. Agents in the Eldenoran capital of Duadon have confirmed that the Runes of Agarash are being kept in the city's stronghold, a daunting fortress called Skull-Tor. Lone Wolf wants you to travel alone to Duadon and make contact with Gwynian's agents. They know a secret route into the fortress and they will help you to gain entry. Once inside, you must find and destroy the runes as quickly as you are able. Upon completion of this task, the agents will assist you to escape from Duadon and will take you to a place of safety.

    ‘This is a very dangerous mission, Grand Master,’ says Lone Wolf gravely, ‘yet it must be undertaken and it must be completed successfully if we are to rid the Stornlands of Vandyan and his foul Vorka hordes. It is the only key we have to a lasting victory. You have proved yourself to be brave and resourceful these past few months and I would not think ill of you if you were to decline this mission. But of all the Kai, I know that only you possess the inner strength and resolve to fulfil this vital task. Grand Master, will you accept the mission?’

    The thought of venturing hundreds of miles behind enemy lines to undertake such a dangerous quest fills you with a sense of dread. Yet you feel greatly honoured to have been chosen for this mission and you do not flinch from your duty. ‘I accept, my lord,’ you reply firmly.

    Gwynian, Nathuro, and the assembled mercenary captains all breathe a collective sigh of relief upon hearing your response. Lone Wolf smiles and nods his head. ‘So be it, Grand Master. The road ahead is sure to be a difficult one, but I am confident you shall prevail.’

    Lord Nathuro and his officers salute you and bid you good luck, and then they leave the tavern and assist with the transfer of their regiments to Kai command. Lone Wolf and Gwynian bid you accompany them to an adjoining chamber where you are given further information about the mission. With the help of a map of the Stornlands, Gwynian shows you that the quickest route to Duadon is by way of the River Quarl. You are to travel downriver by boat to a place beyond the city of Tekaro where the Quarl flows into the great River Storn. Here, preferably at night, you must cross to the west bank of the Storn, abandon your boat, and then enter the Grochod Forest on foot. This is Eldenoran territory and Lone Wolf warns you that any persons or creatures that you encounter in Grochod Forest will most likely be hostile. Under cover of the trees, you are to trek north through the timberlands until you reach the southern approaches to Duadon itself. The city gate is likely to be guarded well, but you must enter without being seen.

    ‘Once inside Duadon,’ says Gwynian, ‘make your way to Flank Street. It is in the Northern Quarter. There you will find a cooperage, a barrel-maker's shop, which is run by a man called Hulsta and his wife, Delissa. They are my agents and they are loyal to our cause. They are awaiting the arrival of a Kai and you may make yourself known to them by using the words: “A barrel made from Sommlending oak”. Be sure to use these exact words for they will respond to no others. Hulsta will show you how to enter Skull-Tor where you must locate and destroy the runes and escape as quickly as you are able. If you are successful, we shall know of it immediately. By breaking the runes you will extinguish the source of the power by which the Vorka are permitted to exist. When Vandyan's fell army dissolves, we shall be able to raise the siege of Varetta and defeat any Eldenoran who dares remain upon Lyrisian soil.’

    Turn to 102.


    Page 102: Having finished your briefing, Gwynian and Lone Wolf show you to a room at the rear of the tavern where some items of clothing have been laid out for your inspection. Lone Wolf tells you to take off your helmet and Kai battle-armour and exchange them for the plain green tunic, breeches, and cloak of a Kai journeyman that lie draped across a table.

    ‘These clothes will serve you well,’ he says, as he buckles the clasp of your cloak. ‘They are far less likely to attract unwelcome attentions during your journey to Duadon.’

    Having exchanged your clothes, you are provided with a meal and told to stay here in this room until midnight—the time when your mission is set to begin. Lone Wolf and Gwynian bid you good luck and leave the room to allow you to rest. You manage to get a few hours' uneasy sleep before Gwynian returns shortly before midnight. The sage escorts you from the tavern and leads you down to the waterfront, to a wharf where a battered little sailboat lies tethered alongside a river barge. At first glance this sailboat looks completely unseaworthy, but upon closer inspection you see that it has been carefully camouflaged with broken timbers and ripped canvas to give the impression that it is a wreck. Stowed on board are a pair of oars and enough food and water for the voyage downstream to Tekaro. You board the boat and Gwynian casts off the mooring rope, bidding you good luck and godspeed as gently the current carries you away.


    The waters of the Quarl are fast-flowing and you have no need of sail nor oar to propel you. By means of the rudder, you are able to steer the boat and let the current carry you swiftly downstream towards your destination. When dawn breaks you are able to take stock of your surroundings. You are making good progress and you calculate that it should take you no more than three days to reach Tekaro. The first day passes uneventfully and you are able to relax and enjoy the views of the fertile countryside that fringes the Quarl. But as darkness begins to fall at the end of the second day, you catch sight of something in the distance that sets your pulse racing. As you round a bend, you see a stone bridge spanning the river little more than a mile downstream. A line of burning torches is fixed along its parapeted walls, and armed guards are positioned on either side of its span. A look at your map tells you that this bridge carries the road that connects the towns of Woeld and Tido, and when you magnify your vision, you see that the guards are enemy soldiers. They wear studded leather jerkins and have the circle-and-star emblem of Eldenora engraved upon their conical steel helmets. To your dismay, an eagle-eyed lookout posted at the centre of the bridge sees your boat approaching. He alerts his fellow guards and quickly they line up along the parapet of the bridge and unshoulder their bows. One of their number blows a shrill whistle which attracts the attention of a second group who are moving through the trees which border the right bank. Your stomach churns when you catch your first sight of these troops for they are not human—they are Vorka. These lizard-like creatures move with a sinister grace which betrays their ancient origins. A cold fire glows in the depths of their sharp, blinking eyes, and their scaly bodies are bedecked with fragments of armour, mostly rotting leather and chainmail looted from the bodies of their slain foes.


    As your boat drifts inexorably towards the bridge, you see the Eldenorans are getting ready to fire their first volley. The tips of some of their arrows are wound round with strips of oily cloth and they have been set alight. Hurriedly you look for some means of avoiding these archers and their Vorka cohorts, but only the river's wooded left bank seems devoid of the enemy.

    If you wish to steer your boat towards the left bank and take cover there among the trees, turn to 149.

    If you choose to defy the Eldenoran archers, you can let your boat continue downstream towards the bridge by turning to 313.

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    Voting for Kai Screen Bardsmanship. Let's see if we can use it to trick the archers and stay in the boat.

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    Vote for Kai Screen, and sure, let's stay in the boat.

    pslong9 on

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    We like the boat. Besides, I'm sure Elementalism or Kai-Alchemy will keep us safe. At least, they'd better...

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    Page 313: You crouch down at the rear of the boat and cover yourself with a ragged sheet of canvas. Through a rent in the fabric you can see the bridge getting closer and carefully you trim the rudder to steer your craft towards its central stone arch. Once again there is a shrill whistle and the Vorka begin to screech with excitement. You hear them running along the muddy bank, and then there is a loud splash when one of them dives headlong into the river.

    As you come to within 20 yards of the bridge, the Eldenoran archers let loose their first volley of arrows.

    Pick a number from the Random Number Table.

    If the number you have chosen is 3 or lower, turn to 55.

    If it is 4 or higher, turn to 268.

    We got a 0, which I think we take as actual 0 rather than 10 in this case.


    Page 55: One of the arrows rips through your canvas cover and splinters the gunwale within inches of your head, yet all of the others fail to strike the boat. As you glide under the bridge's central span, you hear a gruff Eldenoran sergeant cursing his men for their poor marksmanship and for wasting arrows on a derelict sailboat.

    You are directly beneath the centre of the bridge when suddenly you feel the craft being pulled towards the starboard. The head of a Vorka suddenly appears at the side of the boat, and moments later it comes clambering over the gunwale. The creature has not seen you, but it can only be a matter of seconds before it senses where you are hiding.

    If you have a Bow, and wish to use it, turn to 242.

    If you do not possess a Bow, or if you choose not to use it, turn to 161.


    Page 242: You cast aside the canvas and swiftly unshoulder your Bow. The Vorka lets out a gurgling cry when it sees you rising up before its disbelieving eyes, but before it can shriek out in alarm, you draw and fire an Arrow deep into its scaly throat.

    With a muffled yelp, the creature releases its grip and falls backwards into the river. For an instant you glimpse the curve of its back, and then its body is caught by the current and dragged below the surface.

    Turn to 88.


    Page 88: You emerge from beneath the bridge and your boat is carried swiftly away in the grip of the river's powerful current. Within the hour you arrive at a point where the river meanders into a hilly, timbered region. It is difficult to navigate this section of the river in the dark and so you decide to stop and rest until daybreak. You beach your boat on the left bank and settle down to sleep under the bough of an oak tree.

    Before you go to sleep, unless you possess the Discipline of Grand Huntmastery, you must eat a Meal or lose 3 ENDURANCE points.

    To continue, turn to 138.


    Page 138: The night passes without incident and you wake at dawn to the shrill sound of bird song. As you are preparing to breakfast on some of the provisions that Gwynian has supplied for your voyage, you suddenly hear the sound of hoofbeats away to the south. The trees of this area are densely packed and so you climb an oak in the hope of getting a better view of your surroundings.

    Through a thinning canopy of autumn leaves you catch sight of a forest track which runs parallel to the river. A distant flicker of movement catches your eye and, when you magnify your vision, you see three riders approaching from the south. Two are armed and they wear the uniforms of Eldenoran cavalry scouts, but the third is clad in a tunic of scarlet and black: the colours of the Slovian army. His hands are tied and you suspect he is a prisoner of war.

    Less than a hundred yards away to the south, the track emerges from the trees and runs along the river bank for a short distance before turning again into the forest. When the riders reach this part of the track, they see your boat and they bring their horses to a halt. One of the Eldenorans stays with the Slovian prisoner while the other descends to the bank to investigate. Patiently you wait for them to go, but your patience breaks when you see the Eldenoran callously setting fire to your craft. Silently you unsheathe your Kai Weapon. As soon as the arsonist returns to his horse, you leap from your hiding place and take both of the Eldenorans by surprise.

    Eldenoran Horse-scouts: COMBAT SKILL 34 ENDURANCE 34

    Due to the surprise of your attack, you may ignore any ENDURANCE losses that you sustain in the first two rounds of this combat.

    If you win the combat, turn to 348.

    Endurance: 44
    CR: 34 + 5 (Grand Weaponmastery) + 5 (Kai Star) + 2 (Amulet) + 4 (Mindblast) = 50
    Your Random Number is: 6
    Your Enemy took 16 damage -
    and now has 18 Endurance Points.
    Stormheart took 1 damage -
    and now has 43 Endurance Points.

    Your Random Number is: 2
    Your Enemy took 10 damage -
    and now has 8 Endurance Points.
    Stormheart took 2 damage -
    and now has 41 Endurance Points.

    The combat lasted 3 round(s).
    Stormheart took 5 total damage -
    and now has 39 Endurance Points.

    First two rounds damage thrown out, bringing total loss to 2.

    Endurance = 42.


    Page 348: ‘Ishir be praised! My prayers have been heard!’ yells the Slovian prisoner gleefully when his captors are felled by your deadly blows. As you step over their bodies and approach him, he leans forward in his saddle and holds out his hands, inviting you to cut through the rope that is wound tightly around his wrists.

    ‘My eternal thanks, sire,’ he says, as you sever his bonds. He then jumps down from his horse and offers his hand in friendship. ‘My name's Rouf,’ he says, and a wide smile cracks his dark, travel-grimy features. ‘Those Eldenoran curs captured me on the plain east o' Tekaro two days past. I was left behind to spy on their movements when my regiment pulled back to Suentina. Seems we may have somethin' in common, you and I. We're both operatin' behind enemy lines, eh?’

    The jovial Slovian helps you to hide the dead Eldenorans in the dense undergrowth. During this task he asks if you are a mercenary from Casiorn. When you tell him that you are a Kai, his jaw drops open with amazement. ‘A Kai Lord … here in Slovia! Ishir be praised. Perhaps we shall win this war after all.’

    You confide in Rouf that you are on a secret mission and that you must reach the River Storn near Tekaro as soon as you can. Now that your sailboat has been destroyed by fire, you have little option but to continue by horse. Rouf offers to help but he warns you that the city of Tekaro has fallen to the Eldenorans. They occupy the city and have thousands of their Vorka encamped outside its walls. From Tekaro they have been sending reinforcements to their armies fighting across the Slovarian Plain and along the River Suen. This whole region is alive with enemy patrols and it will be difficult for you to avoid them on your way to the Storn. Rouf suggests that you wear one of the dead Eldenorans' uniform, and that he accompany you upon the road to Tekaro, posing as your prisoner. His uncle lives in the forest near the River Quarl, a day's ride from here, and that is where he wants to go now that he is free.

    You agree to his plan and swap your Kai journeyman clothes for the uniform of a dead Eldenoran scout. (You stow your own kit in your Backpack, which requires space equal to two normal items. If your Backpack is full, you must discard two items to create sufficient space for your Kai Clothes.) Having changed uniform, you mount one of the Eldenoran horses and ride with Rouf back along the forest track heading south towards Tekaro.

    Turn to 261.


    Page 261: Within the hour you arrive at a junction where the track leaves the forest and joins the beaten road that runs from Tido to Tekaro. This highway borders upon the seemingly endless expanse of the Slovarian Plain, a verdant grassland that stretches away into the far distance. You scan the rolling horizon, wary of the enemy, yet you see little there save for a few wild stallions.

    You turn your horses towards Tekaro and ride on at a comfortable pace. As the morning unfolds, Rouf tells you something of the battles fought across the plains during the past weeks. ‘This is cavalry country,’ he says. ‘Fighting here is like warring upon the high sea. Swift movement and striking power are the keys to victory. We Slovians are great horsemen and great soldiers and long have we been masters of this land. Our generals boasted that we would destroy the plodding Eldenoran infantry on the open plain, but we had never before encountered the Vorka. Those demons have been our undoing. They can run like ravening wolves and fight as hard as any knight in armour. Alas, if only we knew how to destroy them … ’

    Rouf asks you about your mission but wisely you decline to give him any details. ‘It is not that I do not trust you,’ you say, sincerely, ‘but it is best you do not know. The Eldenorans are not above torturing their captives. If by chance you should be captured again, they will not make you tell what you do not know.’

    During the afternoon you pass several Eldenoran riders bound for Tido. Some jeer at Rouf in passing, but none delay nor prevent you from continuing on your way. As night approaches, you reach a junction where a dirt track joins the road from the west. Rouf informs you that this trail leads to his uncle's cabin in the woods. You follow the track for three miles until you reach a mound of stones topped by a wooden flagpole fixed with a ragged Slovian flag. When Rouf sees the flag he immediately signals you to halt.

    ‘Something's wrong,’ he whispers. ‘That flag … it's upside down. It's a warning sign.’

    Quietly you dismount and tether your horses among the trees before approaching the cabin on foot. It rests at the bottom of a shallow ravine and is surrounded by a number of smaller wooden outbuildings. Three saddled horses are tied to a rail beside the main cabin and, when you magnify your vision, you see that their saddles are identical to your own. They are Eldenoran army mounts. Cautiously you approach the cabin and peer in through a side window. Rouf gasps when he sees his Uncle Prizo and Aunt Fie, for they have been tied to chairs and placed back-to-back in the middle of the cabin. Three burly Eldenorans are looting their home and you can hear them threatening to kill them if they do not reveal where they have hidden their gold. The threats make Rouf's blood boil. He urges you to help him attack the Eldenorans and save his kinfolk, but you are wary of rushing headlong into the cabin. Clearly the Eldenorans are worthless thieves and to attack them may endanger Prizo and Fie's lives.

    If you wish to wait and observe them for a few minutes longer, turn to 21.

    If you decide it is best to do as Rouf insists and attack the Eldenorans quickly, turn instead to 168.

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    Why listen to the guy who got himself captured earlier? Wait.


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    Tarry awhile, and listen

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    Wait for an opening

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    Sorry for the delay, was college reunions this weekend and they ate a lot more time than expected.

    Page 21: Rouf bites back his anger as he watches the Eldenorans piling their loot into sacks. Stubbornly, Prizo and his wife refuse to answer their demands and eventually the Eldenorans tire of their obstinacy and leave the cabin. They fix their bulging sacks to their horses' saddles and mount up, but as they turn to ride away, one of the thieves takes a tinderbox and torch from his pack and sets the torch alight. As the riders gallop past the cabin, he hurls this burning torch through the open doorway.

    You are outraged by this murderous act for the two elderly Slovians are tied up and helpless. As the riders disappear into the night, you rush to the doorway of the cabin and enter. Prizo and his wife scream when you appear, for you are wearing an Eldenoran uniform and they think you have come to finish them off. But their terror soon turns to joy when they see Rouf rush into the cabin behind you.

    ‘Don't fear!’ shouts Rouf. ‘Your ordeal's over. My companion's an ally not an enemy.’

    Quickly you extinguish the burning torch, using your Magnakai skill of Nexus, and then you assist Rouf in untying his uncle and aunt.

    To continue, turn to 110.


    Page 110: Rouf is hugged by his uncle and aunt who are overcome with emotion to see their favourite nephew once more. They thank you both for freeing them and they curse the Eldenorans who invaded their home. When Rouf tells his kin that you are a Kai Lord on a secret mission, their eyes widen with awe. Prizo warns you that there are many Eldenorans in this area and that it is no longer a safe place. He invites you both to stay here this night but he says you must remain watchful. Reluctantly Prizo and his wife have decided to leave their home. They plan to cross the Quarl and seek shelter in Salony. Many Slovian refugees, including other members of Rouf's family, have found sanctuary there in the Great Forest.

    You and Rouf take turns to keep watch during the night, and shortly before dawn you awaken his uncle and aunt. Fie prepares a delicious breakfast and while you are eating they discuss their plans. Rouf has decided to join his aunt and uncle and go with them to Salony. You tell them that you must continue with your mission and try to cross the River Storn near Tekaro. Prizo repeats Rouf's warning that the city is occupied by the Eldenorans, but he also has some information that could be useful. He says that the Eldenorans have set up a military ferry on the Storn, five miles south of the confluence where the two rivers, the Quarl and the Storn, meet. In your disguise as an Eldenoran scout, you may find it the easiest way to cross the river.

    After breakfast, you thank Rouf and his kin for their help and you wish them luck on their journey to Salony. In return they thank you for freeing them and Fie offers you some food for the road ahead (enough for 2 Meals). Then they bid you farewell and wave goodbye from the doorway as you leave the cabin and go to retrieve your horse.

    Turn to 290.


    {age 290: You return to the main highway and ride south towards Tekaro. It is a dry, windy day and you spend most of it in the saddle. As you draw closer to the city, so the number of Eldenorans you encounter steadily increases. Fortunately, they are too preoccupied with their marching and other duties to spare a lowly horse-scout more than a second glance.

    The sun has set and dusk is surrendering to darkness by the time you reach Tekaro. The rolling fields around this old walled city are swarming with Vorka regiments, and the fetid smell of their scaly hides gusts towards you on the chill night breeze.

    You can see the cathedral spire of the city silhouetted against the starry sky, and a yellowy glow of torchlight radiates from a tower above its fortified North Gate. You magnify your vision and see that the gate itself is open and unguarded.

    If you wish to continue along the highway and enter the city of Tekaro by its North Gate, turn to 82.

    If you wish to circle around the city in an attempt to reach the River Storn before the night is over, turn instead to 143.

    Overwatch: TomFoolery#1388
    Black Desert: Family Name: Foolery. Characters: Tome & Beerserk.
    (Retired) GW2 Characters (Fort Aspenwood): Roy Gee Biv
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    Let's see... Ah, OK. So, how about I tell this strange book to avoid the Vorka and go through the city gates, and see what happens from there.

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