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ADEPTUS EVANGELION- American Dreams recruiting

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"Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. "

"Everything human is pathetic. The secret source of humor itself is not joy but sorrow. There is no humor in heaven"


The year is 2015, and the end of world has already passed mankind. Humanity is in the process of rebuilding itself after the incident known only only as Second Impact, witch destroyed most of the South Pole, threw Earth off its axis, and thousands of other repercussions from the fallout of these two events.

Though the cost of American lives was insurmountable, some leading business leaders would tell you post Second Impact America is in fact better off then its predecessor. From a certain point of view it is. Chicago and America's other industrial capitals where awakened from their long slumber as they rebuilt America's coastal cities, and soon after aided in the construction of the rest of the world. Unemployment was practically unheard of (though most of the manual labor was preformed by refuges from Mexico and South America.) and America went from a fading Superpower to the world's only Hyperpower.

But as all students of history know, America acquired a staggering Pre-Second Impact debt. While the Americans where living like kings (well at least the rich where. The poor where at least had stable lives unlike the rest of the world), while the rest of the world elite considered it lucky they had three meals a day on their table. It was time for America to pay up, and even with its astounding wealth it still couldn't. A new brief cold war started between America its puppet states and its former creditors, until a unknown major player in the American military industrial complex got everyone to reach a compromise.

America would become more of a corporation than an actual nation. America itself would have the largest "share" in voting how its capital and infrastructure was used; the normal government administration duties be theirs and theirs alone as well. Other major former lenders to America however would have a "share", and with a majority vote could spend a however large section of income on a international endeavor. However for the vast majority of the time its been confined to forcing America to throw in its lionshare of the UN budget. Outside its military force and command of NATO force, America had lost complete control over its own resources.

America's business now have free reign for the most part, due to hiring them to fufill what used to be public programs. The richer have gotten richer and the poorer have gotten poorer. With the recent advent of events, they have turned Chicago into Chi-Town, the anti thesis to Tokyo 3 and America's coastal cities. The second largest city in the world, and quite possibly the industrial and research capital of the world, while Tokyo 3 presents a facade of humanity rising from its ashes in a brilliant, glorious fashion, Chi Town shows its grim underbelly. Chi Town while looking nothing less than splendid lies in the middle of a industrial wasteland unfit for any form of life. The skies would be always black from smog if not for light pollution. Nearly every building is modernist in nature, as companies don't believe in wasting money on artsy, just efficiency. The divide between the poor in the rich is almost literal, with gated communities guarded by armed sentries, separating the fortunate from the unfortunate.


Now things are changing with the appearance of the Angels. At first the indurtial heart of the world was unperturbed, but with Concord Tech having won the bid to research and develop technology from the Lance of Longious , an artifact discovered in what used to be the South Pole, from SEELE...Chi Town has come under attack from this alien foe. To protect its interests, NERV and SEELE, have established a new NERV branch in Chi Town perimeters. The Lance of Longious must not be surrendered to the Angels at any cost, but research into it must continue as well.


NERV's and the world's only line of defense is of course the Evangelion series. A line of what the public believes to be giant mecha tasked with defending various NERV branches throughout the world. They are humanities greatest weapon and the only thing that can stand up to the Angels, but sadly can only be piloted by those born after 2nd Impact. These are the tales chronicling the children who fought for adults.

Character Creation.

You will need both the ADEPTUS EVANGELION and Dark Heresy rulebooks to play the game. I can provide the former here

but you MUST have the Dark Heresy corebook or the Rogue Trader one....just ask me to help your through character creation a tiny bit.

Here's what you need to fill outside of stats.

Gender: (Male or Female)
Physical Description:

I will be using maptools for this game, though none of you are required to have it.

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