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A Lesson in Puns

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I am bored and feel compelled to attempt the most futile of tasks, to try and succeed where better men and women have failed -- yes, you guessed it, I am attempting to win a forum fight.

(1) Let's begin with the elephant in the room.

The expression, or idiom, is summed up as follows:

“The elephant in the corner: an embarrassing or awkward topic that everyone is aware of but no one wishes to discuss. An alternative formulation is the elephant in the room.”

If you have a problem with this description, take it up with the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms (yes, it is a real thing, look it up).

(2) The definition of a pun, compliments of the Oxford English Dictionary:

"The use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more meanings or different associations."

(3) Now let's travel back in time to 8:44 PM, September 9th, when I suggested Jerry Holkins was the "elephant" in the room. In other words, the fact that Jerry does not bring as much to the table a Mike is an awkward topic that people do not wish to discuss.

(4) A fellow poster, two minutes following my original comment, cunningly suggested that elephant might have another meaning when used to describe Jerry, namely that he is fat, akin the great weight of an elephant.

(4) As previously explained, a pun occurs when a word is used in such a way as to suggest two or more meanings. Let's recap:

Meaning #1 of "elephant": a topic no one wants to discuss.

Meaning #2 of "elephant": a word to describe a fat person.

As the dickwolf said to ravished slave, whose every orifice overflowed with ejaculate, you just got an extra serving of surprise sex with a side of pawnage (if dickwolfs could talk).

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