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Periodic tab freezing on Chrome, site wide

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Chrome 6.0.472.55
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Beginning today, tabs began to stop responding for no reason I can isolate. Main page, Forum index, PATV. Thought maybe it was doubleclick ads or flashplayer related, but forum index seems to have no ads or anything fancy at all.

I'll have multiple tabs open, with 2-3 PA tabs. In a PA tab, click on a link to navigate elsewhere* on the site. Tab freezes. Any attempt to navigate on other PA tabs will result in freeze, any new PA tabs will freeze. This has no impact on other tabs, and persists in a new instance of chrome with no other tabs. This 'lock out' will either last for a minute or two, or until I've killed all open PA tabs. I haven't seen it resolve without killing all existing tabs first.

*It has been triggered by clicking on a forum (2x), going back to the main page(1x), and going to PATV(1x).

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  • ArbitraryDescriptorArbitraryDescriptor changed Registered User regular
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    I was mistaken, it freezes all open PA tabs when the first one freezes. And it happens everytime I go to PATV.

    If I disable ads, I can get to PATV, but if I try to play it, it hangs. Everything is fine in Firefox.

    Edit: Which points to flashplayer, and... testing other sites with flash I get the same issue. Wonderful.

    So probably not your problem after all. Jumped the gun, apologies.

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