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Critical Failures: AWESOME POST in "[DnD 4E Discussion] PE: Assassin is out. Looks really good

RiusRius Registered User regular
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Context: There's a new class for Dungeons & Dragons called the Executioner. They don't have Intimidate as an available skill, but they do have Arcana.

I thought this was a silly thing, given the name of the class and what the class does well, until Horseshoe showed me the light.
Post: [DnD 4E Discussion] PE: Assassin is out. Looks really good frankly.
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Posted by: Horseshoe
Original Content:
Rius wrote: »
Why does an executioner bother learning to scare people? The emotional state of the corpse doesn't matter much.

Why do executioners have access to Arcana?

I bet you I can come up with a reason why Executioners are intimidating that makes more sense than any reason why they're well-versed in ways of the Arcane. I'm not saying said reasons don't exist, I just think they're more of a stretch.

first page of the article...
Martial and Shadow Striker: Your sense of
timing, skill with weapons, and ability to use the
shadows as a second home allow you to strike
with devastating effect against an unsuspecting
foe. You even mix in some shadow magic when

Why This Is the Class for You: You want to play
a stealthy character that can grievously wound
enemies with a single blow and who dabbles in
both poison and shadow magic.

Key Abilities: Dexterity, Charisma

in conclusion...


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