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So I am using an SVN for a project I am working on, however I am finding an issue with the VPS that I am running on Linux. I am still getting used to the structure of linux and everything that surrounds it, so if my information seems off it probably is.

Whenever I login to my server using SSH+SVN://Username@Connection/Directory - Tortoise SVN is unable to see my .SVN setup because it's actually located in the parent directory of my login. IE:

SSH logs me into /User/Stuff and my SVN is located in /User/

Is there a way to tell TortoiseSVN to essentially "CD .." when logging in and attempting to locat my SVN?

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    If you're sure you just can't find your .svn file from your repository, then the *easiest* thing, though certainly not the right thing, is to just make a symlink of your .svn file in the directory with your repository. man ln, that should tell you how to set up the symbolic link.

    But basically, log into the machine using ssh, make a symbolic link of your .svn file in your code directory, log out and do your subversion checkout over ssh. And then find a more permanent solution.

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