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If you know of a good band or website that's giving away legit free music downloads, post the links here and I'll edit them into the OP.

Formatting Rules - please try to follow these if submitting a link, though it isn't essential.

The List
(Asterisked entries are those added in the most recent list update.)

Anamanaguchi - $ (New single every two weeks) $ - Eight-bit rock
[url=]Aoineko[/url] - (A handful of singles) - "bubbly electronic music"
The Armed - ~ These Are Lights ~ "if you like Dillinger Escape Plan you'll like them"
The Armed - ~ Common Enemies ~

Badly Drawn Boy - ~ In Safe Hands ~ (Demo)
* Big Black Delta - BBDEP1
* Bomb the Music Industry! - (Several albums, scroll down and look on the left)
Brad Sucks - $ Out of It $ - "awesome and good"
British Sea Power - Zeus - Orchestral prog-rock that goes everywhere but down.

Charlotte Sometimes - Sideways EP
Childish Gambino - Got This Money REMIX (Clean)
Childish Gambino - (Assorted singles)
Childish Gambino - Culdesac

Das Racist - Sit Down, Man
DJ Dangermouse- Jay-Z/Beatles: The Grey Album
* Defiance, Ohio - (Multiple albums)
DJ Earworm - (Assorted mash-ups)

Glacier Hiking - ~ Wish Me Luck ~
The Glitch Mob - ~ Drink the Sea Part II: The Mixtape ~

Hard-Fi - ~ We Need Love (Joker remix) ~
Harvey Danger - $ Little By Little $
Harvey Danger - $ Dead Sea Scrolls $
Harvey Danger - $ The Show Must Not Go On $
* Hesta Prynn - (Two singles)
[url=]The Hood Internet[/url] - (Whole dang albums of mash-ups) - Some other artists also featured, primarily their own stuff though.
How To Destroy Angels - How To Destroy Angels

* Jonathon Coulton - $ (Everything with a :) is free) $
* Johnny Hollow - ~ (Solve the puzzles, get the albums) ~

Kanye West - ~ (New single every Friday!) ~
* Kids & Explosions - $ Shit Computer $
The Kleptones - $ (Pretty much all their albums) $

* Machinae Supremacy - (Three free albums under "Site Releases")
MC Frontalot - (Loads of albums and singles)
Midnight Brown (Jeff Gerstmann's band) - Deadly Electric (plus three others)
millionyoung - The Sunndreamm EP
Minecraft Music Guy - Minecraft Music

Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I

Party Ben - (Assorted remixes and mashups)
Pogo - (Everything he can legally give away)
The Protomen - (Eight songs from their two albums, plus one chiptune cover)
The Protomen - Beards Going Nowhere
The Protomen - Breaking Out (demo)
The Protomen - Due Vendetta (extended mix)

Radiohead - These Are My Twisted Words

she - (Multiple albums) - chiptunes, orchestral breaks, house, ambient, industrial
Senmuth - (Multiple albums) - "...doom metal, industrial, ethnic... newer albums calmer, more progressive, experimental."
* SONOIO - (First four songs of his self-titled album)
Siktransit - Listat

Team9 - (Assorted mash-ups and remixes)
Trent Reznor - ~ "The Social Network" Soundtrack - Sampler EP ~

The White Stripes w/ Steven McDonald - Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

* [url=]Xaphoon Jones[/url] - The Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Volume I

Frequently Updated Sources

3hive - Lots of new, small bands featured here.
AudioPorn Central - "The AudioPorn Central is a music blog, dedicated to hot, sweaty, juicy sounds and tools. The site is updated daily, 6 new posts everyday."
BIGSTEREO - Music blog.
Beko - Free EPs from various bands; lots of indie, low-fi, "dreamwave"
Crunchyco - Assorted chiptune albums, some free, including one or two by Fighter X.
* The Daytrotter Sessions - So many singles! (FOUR HUNDRED SINGLES!)
Guvera - Loads of free mp3s paid for by advertising revenue.
Illegal Art - Whole albums available pay-as-you-will, including four by Girl Talk.
~ Magnatune ~ - New download every day. Their front page promises they are "not evil". Good for them!
Mashuptown - Hells of mashups.
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good - Music blog with some very very cool downloads from featured artists.
RCRDLBL - Eclectic selection, updated daily.
* Spinner Canada
Stereogum - "Has indie musics for free downloads that often end up being popular musics you have to buys months down the roads."
Triple J Free Music - Loads of new music by local Australian and international acts.

Like This Thread, Only Immeasurably Better

* The Hype Machine - Not everything is free, but a lot is.

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