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Creative and their bloody drivers (help)

RohanRohan Registered User regular
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
I have an old Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 back from when I built my first pc. I haven't used it in years as motherboard audio has always been alright by my standards. Now, however, I've gone and purchased a 5.1 speaker set, and to get the proper 5.1 sound out them, I need a 5.1 capable card... such as the Sound Blaster. So, I went ahead and installed it, and disabled the onboard audio - yet I have no drivers for it. The thing is, I bought this before XP came out, and the driver cd, even if I still had it, would be useless.

The Creative site is terrible, it gives only updates or patches for driver sets people already have. I did download one big driver from them but it said it couldn't find any Sound Blaster card in my computer! I did download one set from somewhere that did identify the card and set it up correctly, but the "Creative EMU10K1 Audio Processor" doesn't have "any free resources" to run. It tells me to uninstall some other audio device before it'll run properly. But what can I install? The motherboard audio has been disabled in the bios and I'm running on a freshly formatted XP installation.

I either need new drivers, or a solution to sort this out...

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