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What the hell, firefox?

JoolanderJoolander The Most Handsome / Best Pilot of the BunchRegistered User regular
edited October 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
so for some reason, a month or so ago my firefox's auto search thing switched over to bing! instead of Google. also, at this same time, the AdBlock plugin i have installed quit remembering all the things I want blocked. So every time I start up my computer, and then the internet, I have to right-click every ad I see and select "AdBlock this Image" or whatever. Now I am fed up with both of these things and would like some help in fixing them

Joolander on


  • wogiwogi Registered User
    edited October 2010
    Ok, the adblock thing I'm not sure of.
    The search issue is easily resolved.

    put about:config in the address bar - then click "I'll be careful I promise" when the warning pops up.
    Then you want to put in keyword.URL in the filter line
    Double click on the text stream that should say something about bing, and replace it with:

    which will now force the firefox address bar to use google instead.

    wogi on
    -Current W.I.P.
  • urahonkyurahonky Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    For the adblock thing try this:

    Click on adblock at the top right of your screen (should be beneath the X button), and go to preferences. Then from there click filters and then add filter subscription. Then in there select Easy List (USA) and that should fix it for you.

    urahonky on
  • JoolanderJoolander The Most Handsome / Best Pilot of the Bunch Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    wogi that worked perfectly and I never would have thought to (or even known you could) do that. thank you!

    honky, I'm not sure how I missed the subscriptions option, but i found it thanks to you

    now hopefully it keeps these settings the next time I turn on my computer

    Joolander on
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