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    Oh yeah. That too.

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    cj iwakura wrote: »
    Green explictly told me infidel was mafia, and helping the village was in my best interests to find the Composer and Proxy, so O_o from me.
    ^Village proboard, unlocked

    I thought Infidel was not Mafia at first, so I tried to network with him, which lead to me inadvertently compromising the village network.

    Guess that still worked out, because I went nuts trying to fix the damage. :P

    Also, I was told I was Neutral, so why am I listed as red?

    Man, there was some serious miscommunication in regards to me and Infidel and our win conditions and the results of my seerings.

    The red/green names were very generalized, red was for Reaper players (I had the Producer as a technical Reaper, if he'd held GM he would have gotten the kills and he wouldn't be in danger of being Erased by Missions, it was an exceptional stroke of luck that the RNG Noise Reaper kill got him) and green was for Special Players

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    Also if people are interested, a bit of a funny interaction I had with Roman where he speed typed the TWEWY wiki
    *warning spoilers*
    Roman: not really but eh
    [08:58am] Roman: i don't understand the math assigments but?
    [08:58am] Egos: because you havent played the game?
    [08:58am] Roman: ohh
    [08:58am] Roman: its not some mafia connection you suspect?
    [08:58am] Roman: because thats totally there...
    [08:58am] Roman: i swear
    [08:59am] Egos: not some mafia connection,what?
    [09:00am] Roman: you thought i put in the math stuff?
    [09:00am] Roman: which i did....
    [09:00am] Egos: yeah heh
    [09:01am] Roman: just for you?
    [09:01am] Egos: i thought it was amusing
    [09:01am] Roman: it was a parting gift....
    [09:01am] Roman: (also...if i really put it wouldn't recognise it as math)
    [09:02am] Egos: it was more I thought it was amusing to find out you were a reaper the day I get a math oriented mission
    [09:02am] Roman: indeed...
    [09:03am] Egos: the fact it has a TWEWY reference though made me think you probably didnt make it up
    [09:03am] Egos: and I suspect you would have come up with something more...
    [09:03am] Egos: complex
    [09:03am] Roman: orrrrr
    [09:03am] Roman: i've been playing the long con
    [09:04am] Roman: and have totally beaten the game
    [09:04am] Roman: multiple times...
    [09:04am] Roman: i mean...ignorant player? cover...
    [09:04am] Egos: who is rhyme?
    [09:04am] Egos:
    [09:04am] Roman: a character
    [09:04am] Egos: hah
    [09:05am] Roman: helps neku and shiki
    [09:05am] Egos: who is she related to
    [09:05am] Roman: sister of beat
    [09:05am] Roman: wassup
    [09:05am] Egos: what happens in the end of the game?
    [09:05am] Egos: the main
    [09:05am] Roman: she lost the game...
    [09:05am] Roman: but still lived
    [09:05am] Egos: not her
    [09:06am] Egos: I mean the motivation of the main villain
    [09:06am] Roman: well
    [09:06am] Roman: beat won...
    [09:06am] Roman: he stole her memories and love for him
    [09:06am] Roman: him = beat
    [09:06am] Egos: intentionally?
    [09:07am] Roman: the villain?
    [09:07am] Roman: no
    [09:07am] Egos: yes who was the main villain in the game
    [09:07am] Egos: and what was his ultimate aim
    [09:09am] Roman: err
    [09:09am] Roman: its the conductor
    [09:09am] Egos: what was his goal
    [09:09am] Roman: uhhh
    [09:09am] Egos: its very easy roman
    [09:09am] Egos: and very memorable
    [09:09am] Egos:
    [09:09am] Roman: to ensure that the game is played exactly how the composer wrote it...
    [09:09am] Egos: wrong
    [09:09am] Roman: (thats obvious even if you haven't played the game)
    [09:10am] Roman: god damnit
    [09:10am] Egos:
    [09:10am] Roman: i was speed wiki'ing
    [09:10am] Egos: i figured
    [09:10am] Egos: hehe
    [09:10am] Roman: took you ages to ask a question that was hard to find
    [09:11am] Egos: it was building
    [09:12am] Roman: mmm
    [09:12am] Egos: was there a point or just for fun ?
    [09:12am] Egos: im guessing the later
    [09:13am] Roman: just for fun
    [09:13am] Egos: its a good game

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    Man, I just had the best idea ever.

    Make a wiki account with the name Mafia and remove the pertinent sections of the wiki during the events and then return them after.

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    Even I didn't do much thanks for the game green!

    Did I miss the mufasio boards being posted?

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    Even I didn't do much thanks for the game green!

    Did I miss the mufasio boards being posted?

    Well, the mafia wasn't networked very well... they were posted by Sticks, though.
    Sticks wrote: »
    Darian wrote: »
    Sticks wrote: »

    If people want a look-see. Not much there though.

    This board isn't actually unlocked - I can see the info center, but not the board with any posts.

    Woops, the general category was locked down to members only. Someone try it now and let me know.

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