PAX East Train Alliance 2011 (PAXTrain East!) - Metal Gear Train SOLD OUT!



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    antheremantherem Registered User regular
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    Thank you for organizing the ETA, Moe. Already looking forward to next year.
    I hope Sonic had as much fun as we did on Metal Gear!

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    TarranonTarranon Registered User regular
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    Shadow009 wrote: »
    If anybody from the Metroid Line is traveling home by train today, I'm at Penn Station waiting for the 19 Crescent. I'll try to be in or around the cafe car.

    Brown hair, glasses, big tan coat, silver Chronometer tshirt from fangamer, nonsensical number of games in my bag.

    oh nooooo, i was sure there were no other Paxers on that train. i went around with my Pax badge hanging out but i never noticed anyone doing anything particularly nerdy :(

    I'm sad I missed you!
    Maybe it was just an isolated incident, but the Metroid line was kinda lame. We were several hours behind schedule and missed the Sonic line. Apart from one cool dude, our train was pretty devoid of any partying (probably due in part to everyone being fatigued from the trip). We only happened to meet a few other PAXers on the 178 we jumped on at Penn Station.

    Overall, I wasn't pleased by my experience, and unless train tickets are significantly cheaper than plane tickets when I get around to start planning next year's trip, I'll probably be taking the latter.

    I dunno, I ended up spending the entire way back by myself and i even enjoyed that. there is a sort of peacefulness on the train that you can't get anywhere else. i drifted in and out of sleep, enjoyed some gorgeous scenery, read a large book i'd been meaning to get around to and leveled my pokemons. I wouldn't want to do that every other month, but I could see the train being a regular part of my travel experience.

    also I think I was the one that got adopted into your group on the way up? if so you guys were great, and thanks so much for letting me in. it was great fun

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