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Computer issues need help

ptlsbntrptlsbntr Registered User regular
Ok, so I think this is the right place for this. Posting from my phone because my computer has apparently crashed and I'm out of ideas to try to fix it. Beginning of the week my HDD started making a clicking noise then the power cut out. Then when restarting the computer it went from making it to the windows 7 load screen to powering up and restarting after a couple seconds. Then when I tried powering up I got a message saying there was a problem with the OS and it could not boot up. I replaced the power supply (550 watts) with a new one (700 watts) and replaced the HDD with a spare. Tried installing w7 again but the computer powers off after a couple minutes while the process is still on the loading bar screen. I've also tried installing XP, which gets to the choose your option screen (repair, new install, etc) but then has the same problem, also tried using ubuntu 10.1 live from a usb but that won't get past the loading screen so haven't been able to use it for trouble shooting (may just be an issue with the flash drive though considering it's kinda old will try to burn it to a cd and see what happens). Looking around other forums that have this kind of problem most say the PSU would have been the problem but I've tested it on another computer and its fine. Most of those posts also reference beeping noises and error messages but I haven't received any messages or heard any beeps. I'm going to try removing everything (literally everything, processor, fan, ram, hdd, cd drive, can't remove the video card though since the mobo doesn't have video built in) and test each one at a time see if I can find any issues there though I doubt it. Any other suggestions for other trouble shooting options? Really hoping it's not a major problem with the board (faulty, something blew) as I just built this 2 months ago.

Specs are
mobo:gigabyte p55-usb3 ,
ram: gskill ripjaws 4 gb ddr3,
processor: intel core i5-650 lga 1156,
video card: nvidia 7600,
was running w7 ultimate x32


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    XantusXantus Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    cpu overheating? thermal paste on well and fan spinning?

    is the HDD sata? try a diff Sata port on the mobo?

    how is the computer plugged in? surge protector? does the power in your house suck?

    could be bad ram, that causes random restarts...

    Xantus on
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    ptlsbntrptlsbntr Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Yeah it was the CPU overheating when I watched it in bios it jumped from 44c to 95c and then cut out. Reapplied the thermal compound and it's good now. Also found that a couple contacts on one of the ram sticks didn't look all that great so I replaced that just to be safe.

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