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Volume Booster - Help

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I am looking for something along the lines of a Volume Booster that I can put somewhere between my cable box and a transmitter for wireless headphones. The headphones that I bought were relatively inexpensive (I was buying four) but they work great with one exception. The transmitter on these particular headphones has the stupidest ‘feature’ I have ever seen on a piece of electronics. If the volume running to the transmitter isn’t loud enough, after 90 seconds it shuts off. This creates a horrible noise in the headphones. It works fine with the 360, and the Wii, and my computer. But whenever it is transmitting a signal from the cable box it constantly shuts on and off.

I went to Radioshack in hopes that they would be able to help me. They certainly sold me something called a volume booster but it didn’t do anything of the sort. Upon returning it they said they didn’t know what else they had that would help. I also tried Circuit City. I have been trying to find something online but when I search Volume Booster or Volume Amplifier I mostly get guitar stuff. I have decided to turn to you guys in hopes that someone can recommend something that they are certain does what I am looking for. That is to take the signal from the cable box, and make it louder before it gets to the transmitter. I have made a diagram to help me explain.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction? This is driving me nuts.

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