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Leggo my Aegyo

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upcoming releases:
After School: uhh some time this year maybe... orange caramel single soon
Kahi: out, owns
BEG: japanese something in april idk
Jea/Miryo solo things: Later
4minute: April
2ne1: [strike]Japanese re-release in march[/strike], new album May-June
Hyunah: May
Hyori: June

and i guess big bang shinee something february maybe

if you think we're bad you aint seen shit

Let's just get this out of the way

ok so in light of Girl's Generation's (SNSD or So Nyuh Shi Dae for the less educated among you) new video being released

and me being pmed requesting guides to kpop multiple times I am forming a CENTRALIZED KPOP APPRECIATION STATION RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW! Here is your primer:

(Sunghee left the group to focus on her university studies due to pressure from her parents)

Brown Eyed Girls (Including Miryo who Miryowns and the eminently trenchable Ga-In):

After School:

they also have the very cute side group Orange Caramel:

Lizzy~ :3


Hyuna 0wS6V.gif

Rainbow, probably the skankiest group but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that


And last but definitely not least, miss A:
Choo don't know her, shut up boy.

Please name your favourite of each and a short description of why (bonus points for specific eras, eg Genie Seohyun):
1) Kara
3) miss A
4) Brown Eyed Girls
5) f(x)


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