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iDVD Issues

Penguin_OtakuPenguin_Otaku Registered User regular
edited October 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
So I'm trying to burn some files onto a DVD and it brings them in at larger file sizes than they came in as or say they are.

One file is 1 gig, but iDVD says its 6.63. Help me out kind folk

Penguin_Otaku on


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    Mom2KatMom2Kat Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Okay, so the source file is 1gig, butwhen you add it to the program it says the final product will be 6.63 gigs?

    This seems right, IF you are going from say a .mov .avi or whatever and trying to output to standadrd DVD (can play in a regualr DVD player hooked to a TV). Because the program has to seperate the video and audio, encode them, and then put them into VideoTS and AudioTS.

    I find I can put about 2-3 40 min TV Episodes on a disk, if the .avi is of average quality. You should be able to play around with the output settings and try to get a lower quality to save space. I do not know this particualar program though.

    Hope this helps!

    Mom2Kat on
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