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    God, how did I forget Planet Hulk? I was so surprised at how faithful it was to the whole run from the series. They didn't tone down the Spikes or the brutality of the arena. Hell, I'm going to re-watch it right now!

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    HadjiQuest wrote: »
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    Wow... the Thor: Tales of Asgard movie was really damn good. One of the highest quality marvel animations I've ever seen, and perhaps the best of Marvel's animated films. I would say it's on par with the DC animated movies, not in terms of animation (that was merely ok), but story wise it was surprisingly awesome.

    And I'm not saying this because I'm a huge Thor fan (my inner Thor fan is actually a little peeved at some of the movie's odd departures from the comics).

    I was expecting some lame Next Avengers like movie, but Tales of Asgard was surprisingly deep and surprisingly dark. Darker then even the darkest episode of Justice League... I certainly didn't expect this since they went with the teen Thor approach.

    If this is a sign of Marvel animated movies to come, DC better make room for a for another top dog.

    It is the final Marvel DTV video arranged to be produced, this far.

    It's 8/8 contracted through Lionsgate animation. So, the bad news is that it's the last one. The potential good news is that if they've been successful enough to warrant more, or if they need them to compete with DC's offerings, any future ones would be done directly through Disney, so the animation would probably be much, much better than it has been. And all the writers and stuff are Marvel Entertainment guys, so they would come along for the ride.

    It blows my mind how Kyle/Yost/Johnson have done the fantastic Wolverine and the X-Men, EMH, and the later seasons of X-Men Evolution, but have also done all of the Marvel DTVs, which have mostly been terrible. Another thing to note is that the directors on all the DTVs are work-for-hire, and many of the people behind the later Marvel DTVs are the same storyboard artists and directors that do all of the DC films.

    So it's really crazy how shitty some of the Marvel DTVs have been when you consider the talent behind them. Although, I really enjoyed the two featuring Hulk. And Next Avengers wasn't terrible.

    Well... at least they went out with a BANG and not a whimper. Sight, just when Marvel animations get my hopes up something always comes along and says NO MORE!

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    WiseManTobesWiseManTobes Registered User regular
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    Has this been mentioned? I did look, but my searchfu is pretty crappy

    Showtime buys Chew script

    It better not sit in a drawer for a decade like preacher!

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