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Coq Punch... game in a day

KAJedKAJed Registered User regular
edited November 2010 in Games and Technology
So over at Big Blue Bubble Inc there's been a 'game in a day' competition for iPhone. 6 teams set out to create a game in a day (or a weekend if they so choose).

One of such games is "Coq Punch"

You can check out some info on the Developer's blog at

We make no excuses, this is a silly game!

The best of the games created in a day will be released to the AppStore in the coming week(s)

iTunes entry:

Farmer Jacque, a former heavyweight boxing champion turned farmer, has a rabble of rowdy roosters run rampant in the barnyard. Now Jacque must wrangle them in the only way he knows how…
Coq Punch is a shooting gallery-esque game with a difference. You must pound your feathered friends into submission with your championship winning gloves.
Coq Punch will feature:

• Super awesome arcade action!
• A variety of fowl friends!
• Endless score based tom-foolery!
• Knockout gameplay!

Think this is just another ‘coq-amamie’ iPhone game? You’re cracked! This game is no yolk!

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