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Recommend an FM transmitter for my iPod

DelzhandDelzhand Hard to miss.Registered User regular
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I bought a car about 3 months ago, and it's an 06 Kia Spectra. It's not much to look at, certainly not exciting - just an appliance to get me to and from work.

But 06 is kind of a shitty year on the car stereo spectrum. Go earlier and you start seeing tape decks, more modern and you see aux inputs. My wife's car, an 03 Focus, has a tape deck, which means she can use a tape adapter - sure, the sound quality is garbage, but at least you can hear the music.

I have a CD player. It sucks. I mean, I have an iPhone full of video game music, burning CDs is roughly equivalent to carving the music into stone tablets. I am not a savage, and I'm also willing to compromise on audio quality. So I'm looking for an FM tuner. But I don't know anything about them, except for two things my boss said.

1) Be sure it plugs into DC - battery ones are underpowered and go through batteries super fast
2) Off the shelf ones at your local electronics stores are typically not the greatest - he recommended going online to find something with a little higher broadcasting power.

So! What should I get?

Edit: I'm packing an iPhone 3GS

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    chknsandwichchknsandwich Registered User regular
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    You want an fm transmitter with an adjustable potentiometer (sp?). This will allow you to "overclock" the power of the device past the fcc guidlines. Look around diy\hobby sites for kits and instructions. Most will have dc adapters for you cig lighter to power the device.

    You may want to take your ride to a car audio place and inquire about adding an aux input for the ipod. Some stereos have a "hidden" aux input in the back or proprietary connectors for external audio sources (cd changers, ipods, etc). If you go this route, I would recommend installing an mini stereo jack and not the proprietary apple stuff. This will give the flexibility to push audio from many different devices if you decided to ditch the ipod for an andorid or the next hot new thing.

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    matt has a problemmatt has a problem Points to 'off' Points to 'on'Registered User regular
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    12 selectable channels so you can find one without anything broadcasting on it, plugs right into your 12v/cigarette lighter.

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    ChibaChiba Registered User regular
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    I bought this this summer since my car doesn't have a usb input or anything fancy. I have to say this is hands down the best FM transmitter I've ever had. Great sound quality, I have never had problems with static or having to change stations (and I travel between Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, so cities aren't an issue). It's also a very sturdy holder, you can twist it around, and makes for easy viewing/changing songs/hands free speaker calls. I can't recommend this enough. It also has a slot on the side to power another USB device if you want.

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