Is WoW worth resubbing to for Cataclysm events if I am only level 10?

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I hear about all this stuff going on in WoW leading up to Cataclysm and I want to check it out, stuff like a cult and earthquakes.

Will I be able to see any of that stuff being a low level dwarf, or will once the blow up happens anything happen to my game?

I was thinking about turning on my game again and playing for a month leading up to the expansion, but if there is nothing for me to do I might not.

(there are a dozen WoW threads on here, I had no idea which one to post this in)

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    PotatoNinjaPotatoNinja Fake Gamer Goat Registered User regular
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    For future reference, I'd post this either in H/A or the WoW chat thread. Moving along...

    When the new expansion is released, many players will be rerolling to the new races (worgen and goblins) and the level 1 to level 60 content is going to be revamped.

    If for some reason you really want to "see the original WoW" you should play now. But the original WoW is actually kind of crappy by today's standards, and if you wait until the expansion you can play through the newly designed levels while having a huge group of people to play with as they all create new characters of the new races.

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    MgcwMgcw Registered User regular
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    So far it's incredibly uneventful with a few crappy quests, I would say "NO".

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    SniperGuySniperGuy SniperGuyGaming Registered User regular
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    Retaking Gnomer/Echo Islands was pretty cool, but you do need to be a higher level for that. Although getting to 80 these days takes like, a week, tops. The other cataclysm events have been interesting although more or less low key so far.

    Waiting till cataclysm to level is probably a better idea if you only have a level 10.

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