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Help me find more music like this (garage rock?)

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So basically, for the three months that it's been out, I've given the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World a lot of rotation, namely five tracks from the fictional bands (four of which were written by Beck, one of which was written by Broken Social Scene, but things I've heard from either of these acts outside of this film don't sound anything like this)

(All five are Youtubed in the spoiler)

This stuff is fucking awesome

Now, would I be correct in describing it as garage rock? Is there some other sub-genre for this of which I'm unaware? If that's straight-up what it is, then PLEASE recommend me things that are similar in sound or style to this.

Aside from this, I do believe the only garage rock I have in my collection is White Stripes and Patti Smith.

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