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MLB 2011: Jack McKeon escapes hospice, is immediately hired by Marlins



  • Cornell002Cornell002 Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    Or kill him. He is awful.

    Cornell002 on
  • HjorvarthrHjorvarthr Registered User regular
    edited July 2011
    Nothing much to complain about this game.

    Good pitching by Duensing, solid defense, and some big home runs

    Hjorvarthr on
  • Zen VulgarityZen Vulgarity What a lovely day for tea Secret British ThreadRegistered User regular
    edited July 2011
    FortyTwo wrote: »
    Kill Derek Jeter after he hits his 3,000th hit so other shortstops get into the all-star game

    I really want to be angered by that, but then again I (as an Orioles fan) understand the desire to have legends at the All star Game. In all honesty Ripken's last three All Star games he probably didn't really deserve.

    He gets his last one as a bye because he announced his retirement and it was definitely a victory-lap situation.

    The fact that Cabrera or Peralta isn't starting angers me

    And I'm a Yankee's fan

    Zen Vulgarity on
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