Austin to Boston (and back again)

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I'm driving up. I haven't worked out any details of yet, but I'm sort of boycotting flying (political reasons I decline to get into in the PaX forum) and I am thinking of schlepping a Warhammer 40k Army (provided that there will be a game).

So I am willing to take along company. The rub: I have a single cab late model year pickup. It is comfortable and big, yet will only seat one other person. It may seat two other people provided one is a slight little thing weighing in at under 150 American Pounds. It is also a stick shift.

I'm OK just rolling with one other member and doing all the driving (actually I have to do all the driving anyway, as I hate being a passenger, this is pretty nonnegotiable. I can't ride, headaches, panic attacks all that it's part of the reason it's so easy for me to boycott air travel).

I am willing to pick someone up along the way (preferably be along for most of the ride).

I am not opposed to renting a car and splitting costs with a team of folks (4-5) picking folks up as we traverse the nation and dropping them off as we go home. If we do this then costs will be split equally among all parties.

If we take my car we'd just split gas beginning when you got in.

I don't care about your gender, age (provided you are 18), political, religious, or sexual orientation. Just be clean; it's best you don't smoke in the car, for comfort's sake.

We can talk in this thread if anyone is interested, and PMs are for personal deets.

Warhams. Allatime warhams.

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