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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "[Mass Effect] Badass Transvestism", by Solar

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It all started so innocently...
Post: [Mass Effect] Badass Transvestism
Forum: Games and Technology
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Posted by: Solar
Original Content:
TrippyJing wrote: »
TrippyJing wrote: »
Nuzak wrote: »
Buttcleft wrote: »
Orca wrote: »
Nuzak wrote: »
Olivaw wrote: »
I would love to have a female krogan warlord as a party member

...NON-ROMANCEABLE, thank you very much


oh god never has that been more appropriate

also i forgot one thing that may explain the charge failing

you need to wear the hat

A bumper sticker helps too.

Shepard wants snoo snoo 8-)

thing is, with carbon-fiber enhanced hips and bones stronger than steel

shep can take it

replace the image with krogan skeletons

what about

the meaty spongy parts

heavy skin weave :winky:

so it's like

a natural condom


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