My Blu-Ray reader/writer is potentially busted - HELP PLEASE

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My Blu-Ray drive appears to be poked. I was writing a DVD that was taking a while so I left it going while I was out the house. When I came home my monitor was off, red light, I wiggled the mouse and the monitor came on, green light, but the image remained black so I could see jack. I hit the power button which usually trigger a proper shut down sequence rather than just cutting the power off but that did not appear to work so I hit reset. When the computer was booted up again it would not recognise there was an optical drive present at all, it should have shown my recently burnt disc. The physical eject button on the actual drive does not do anything now so I needed to paper clip the drive open the button does not close it either. So it appears my Blu-Ray drive is poked as it does absolutely nothing but blink a blue light which i guess is it "I'm busted signal"

I was using the default Disc Burning thing in Nautilus with Ubuntu 10.4 when I had to restart the PC. that should not matter as the disc should have been done by then, although looking at the bottom of the disc it appears only half written

Windows 7 can't use the Blu-Ray drive either so it is not a Linux issue

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