Want to check out CES 2011? This is the thread for you.

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I am organizing a meet on another website I post at. I figure I might post here and see if I could get more people. More people = cheaper stay.

Offical CES 2011 Sign up thread. Who is down?

The Info

CES 2011 Jan. 6-9..


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We published information about free CES passes if you registered before Sept. 30th here: Free CES Exhibitor 2011 Pass.
Well if you missed out on that, you can still get a free pass using the $100 off coupon code INVT.
Request your Pass Directly at the CES Site
* You need to complete this before December 31st or price will go up again.
List of airports that are giving discounts for flying between the dates of Jan. 3-12th.


Forgot to Mention!

Attendance Requirements
The International CES is not open to the general public and all attendees must be in the consumer electronics (CE) industry to be eligible to attend the show. Due to the investment made by our exhibitors, International CES show management wants to ensure that its attendees are members of the trade. All attendees must provide two forms of ID: one photo ID and the other proving their affiliation with the
CE industry (pay stub, business card, etc.). Attendees will not be admitted into the 2011 International CES without these two forms of ID. Children, friends and family who accompany you to Las Vegas will not be granted access to the International CES unless they are over the age of 16 and have proof of industry affiliation.

Hotel Info

We are looking for a place no more than 100 dollars a night. Which would be split four ways per room.
Possible Hotel...


Free CES Shuttle Ride Map


List of People..

# The list..
# - EliteLamer
# - Soymilk
# -Nora and Ted
# - Todd
# chbrules

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