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Hosted Exchange & Backup

ThanatosThanatos Registered User regular
So, I'm shopping to reconstruct my office's server around hosted Exchange and doing a cloud backup. Right now, we use a single server for 28 people, all using Outlook, and have a 200GB server. I anticipate a big increase in our storage needs, so probably 500GB-1TB cloud backup to start with, along with all 28 hosted exchange accounts (we keep everything on the server, so that's all we need to back up; no need to back up the individual workstations). What are good companies to look at? Who is reliable, and really cost-effective?

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    Go straight through Microsoft, check 'em out here

    They were EASILY 50% cheaper than other hosted services, offered more and were more customizable.

    We were paying 15/mo for a user to have Outlook 2Gb, OCS and SharePoint. They offer cloud services but we didn't need it, so I don't know on that end.

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