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Visa/Passport reentry

lordswinglordswing Registered User regular
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So my mom (born in Taiwan (citizen), got her US citizenship later) left the USA using her US passport with no Taiwan stamp, as she planned on coming back within 30 days. She entered Taiwan using her Taiwan passport, and is going to use it when she leaves.

However, due to other circumstances, she is extending her stay to around 55 days. Is there anything stopping her from entering the US with her US passport (with no stamp from Taiwan), or will she have to travel to another country and get the US passport stamped?

I found this.
If you arrive in Taiwan with a valid passport and valid Taiwan visas, you may be admitted for up to 90 days even if your passport is valid for less than 6 months

She didn't apply for a visa though, as she didn't plan on staying longer than 30 days.

thanks in advance, and let me know if other information is needed.

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    JansonJanson Registered User regular
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    If she is a citizen of both countries and holds a passport for both countries, she does not need a visa for either country and her stay in each is not limited to any particular amount of time.

    The passage you found sounds as if it is talking about someone who is only a US citizen with a Taiwan visa.

    There is nothing stopping her leaving and entering the US with her US passport and leaving and entering Taiwan with her Taiwan passport. All she has to do is be careful not to accidentally use her Taiwan passport when leaving or entering the US and vice versa.

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