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Tabletop RPG meetup

DragondevonDragondevon Registered User regular
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Well I cant make EAST but I will, for a fact, be going to Prime. There are a few table top games I would love to play (I live in hicksville montana and noone plays...anything) My interests at the moment:

Dungeons and Dragons 3e, 3.5e, 4e
Gamma World 4e? (the newest one)
All Flesh Must Be Eaten (a modern zombie game)
DC Adventures

I am sure there will be more for me to choose from, let me know if you know a game like these, and let e know if your interested in playing any We can meet up in a hotel or (if space permits) the convention its self. Also I would much rather PLAY so if your a DM (GM or whatever) let me know.

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  • edg2000edg2000 Registered User regular
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    hey, you play munchkin? my wife and i just moved back to G-funk and are looking for some people to play with (munchkin gets a little old playing with 2) if so, or you wanna learn, PM me and we'll figure somethin out.

    also, my prime plans are a bit shaky at the moment (dunno if i can afford it with my first due in march) but im sure ill be down to game with you if i go

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