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How to run full screen game in windowed mode (Panzer General)

Michael HMichael H Registered User
edited December 2010 in Help / Advice Forum
I recently picked up Panzer General 2 from GOG. I love the game, but unfortunately it only runs in fullscreen mode, 800 x 600. Stretched out on my 1920x1080 display it looks... not so great. I'm running Windows 7 64.

I've looked for a workaround to get it to run in windowed mode, but haven't found anything convenient.

- I've read about people setting up a virtual machine running VirtualBox and installing Linux, running said virtual machine at 800 x 600 and running PG2 through Wine. This will probably work, but I'm trying to save it as a last resort.
- Creating a shortcut and adding the "-window" argument didn't seem to do anything.
- There aren't any config files to edit to change this.

Is there another software that will let me do this? Other options?

Michael H on


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