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KOTOR on Win 7

psyck0psyck0 Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
Hey guys, just got KOTOR 1 and having some issues. I got it working yesterday, somehow. It was not working initially- after the first screen, it world disappear, but I think I turned on compatability mode for win xp and it worked. After about 2 hours, it hung on a loading screen and in the middle of an auto-save and froze (maybe because I alt-tabbed at that exact moment because I didn't realise it was going to go to a loading screen/auto save). I had to kill it with task manager. After that, when I tried to resume any of my saves, it locked up on the loading screen. Twice I have managed to get in-game (it takes about 3 minutes to load) but the game essentially doesn't run- very laggy, very low FPS, freezes, etc. This also happens when I start a new game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times but get the same thing every time. I have also validated the files with Steam twice and both times (most recently after a fresh install, deleted all local content and re-downloaded everything) it found a problem and said it fixed it, but the game still won't work right.

It may also have been related to a widescreen hack I tried to use that didn't work, from I followed the instructions exactly but it didn't work, so I used the program to undo the hack just to be safe, but I am wondering if perhaps it didn't undo properly and screwed something up that isn't getting deleted when I unstall the game through steam (although those 2 hours I played were after dealing with the widescreen thingy, so it really should have caused me a problem there...)

Anyway, please, help!

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  • InfidelInfidel Heretic Registered User regular
    edited December 2010
    Do you have an AMD multicore processor? KOTOR used CPU specific info for timing that got thrown off by multiple cores and required an AMD supplied patch to correct for KOTOR and any other programs relying on this behaviour. It was what usually fixed all issues of random lockups/graphic glitches for me and my friends when trying to play KOTOR on newer machines.

    If you aren't running AMD then I am not sure, just thought I'd bring this up. :^:

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  • ButtcleftButtcleft Registered User regular
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    Did you try any playing at all before you tried the widescreen mod and other fiddling with files?

    I have Windows 7 64bit and KOTOR runs just fine without needing anything.

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  • ScrubletScrublet Registered User regular
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    I can't remember if I used the widescreen hack, but I have an undeniable memory leak issue with KOTOR 1. I run Windows 7 64-bit using 6GB RAM and a 5870 video card, and something in that whole setup has caused a leak. You can literally alt-tab the game and watch the memory grow. I can play in 30-40 minute sittings before I use up enough of the 6GB to ungracefully crash. You may look and see if you're in a similar situation, though you're dropping a bit fast for that.

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