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New dog, weird behavior

ElinElin Registered User regular
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I just got a pug, probably pure breed. I'm not sure, I got her for free from a family who didn't want her anymore. I was told she is 2 years old. I was also told she was healthy but the previous owner had no vet records.

She's doing 2 odd things. First, and least odd, she will constantly lick her nose, for like a minute at a time.

Second, my husband will take her out to potty and when she comes back she'll run right to me. She'll leap on me, whine, lick, and nip all at the same time. My ears are the primary target. Tonight when I prevented her from nipping my ears she bit her own leg. Not like itching it, like she put her entire rear ankle in her mouth. It's almost like she is SO excited she has no clue how to act, she's almost confused. These episodes last for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Anyone ever seen these types of behaviors in their dog?

I've only had her since Tuesday and I had her spayed on Wednesday. She had one of the whine/nip episodes on Tuesday night before she went in for the spay, and I'd had her for less than 12 hours at that point. She doesn't do that to my husband when I take her out to potty and then bring her back up.


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    ihmmyihmmy Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Our previous family dog used to get superduper excited to the point of nipping as well, though primarily when we came home. My step-dad's solution was to put a toy in her mouth every time she was all excited like that - kept her from biting or nipping out of excitement, while still letting her greet us. Came to a point where she always picked up a toy before coming to greet us when we came home which was pretty cool. Something like that might work - a distraction for her mouth to keep her from nipping at ya

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    SentrySentry Registered User regular
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    OP, I have a pug mix that acts exactly the same way, only she will lick and nip my nose. I just try and distract her with tummy rubs until she calms down. I really think it's a pug thing. I will say, I've had her for like, 6 months now and she still does it, so I wouldn't expect this behavior to evaporate any time soon. You could probably take her for obedience training, but distracting her every time she comes in from a walk or I come home has worked so far.

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    see317see317 Registered User regular
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    My parents have 3 pugs, and this behavior seems pretty much par for the course with the breed.

    Licking the nose may indicate some irritation under the nasal fold. If it's a really heavy fold there, it can get infected and really cause some unpleasantness for the pug. One of their pugs had to have surgery to reduce the size of the fold because of this.

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