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Thinking about Unistalling Win64 and going XP

YallYall Registered User regular
edited February 2007 in Help / Advice Forum
My PC has XP Pro 64 and to be honest it seems to offer no measurable benefit as an OS. On the other hand, I do run into problems relating to Steam on occasion (Half Life 2 and CS no longer run properly for example).

I have an old copy of XP and was thinking of backing up game saves, drivers, porn, etc. to a DVD and just reformatting the drive and popping in XP to install the good 'ol 32 bit version.

In the past I've just done a "format c:" sort of thing.

Anyone have a better way or any recommendations about how to do this?

More than anything I just want to play HL2 and DoD Source without getting the shader.dll error or sound problems.


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    Seattle ThreadSeattle Thread Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    You can set everything up from the windows disc. When prompted, just delete the partition that windows 64 is installed on, and XP will format and create a partition as part of the installation.

    Backups first, though.

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    AirAir Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    you could get a partitioning program like partition magic and it can let you do stuff you normally cant with the basic windows tools

    possibly you can create a new partition and have it shift certain things over
    like even if there isnt space for the new partition it might be able to make room by moving things over to it as it creates it

    the only real experience i have with these programs is when i merged 2 partitions that were both full but didnt lose anything

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    RuckusRuckus Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    Also Steam has really good backup/restore abilities, and valve even provides some helpfiles on copying your steam installation in whole from one harddrive to another or to another computer across the network.

    Move Steam Installation

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