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Help / Advice Forum: AWESOME POST in "Looking for Witchaloks", by Rend

zenpotatozenpotato Registered User regular
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This is how H/A should operate, people.
Post: Looking for Witchaloks
Forum: Help / Advice Forum
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Posted by: Rend
Original Content:
Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I kind of need advice and I though maybe some people have gone through similar issues.

Sorry in advance for the wall of text.

I'm a Wolfoid, but recently my Witchalok left me. I mean, all things said and done, I guess I've really seen this coming for awhile now... Just for background, we were both 22, going to the Darkcademy, my Witchalok for a double major in Sorcelation and Limit-Taking, and me for Android studies. It started out great, but we really started to drift apart.

Honestly I'm just not sure how to go from here. I really feel like my entire life is falling apart. I figure maybe I should go look for another Witchalok, maybe? It kind of seems too soon. I don't want whatever Witchalok I find to end up in a bad place because I bound myself to the Grimfire energies of his Witchalok Blades on a rebound.

I guess I just really need advice on where to go from here. This was my first real Witchalok, and...
just... I don't know. I just don't know.

tl;dr: Witchalok broke my feral heart, need advice on how to handle it.

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  • Dropping LoadsDropping Loads Registered User regular
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    Could use the actual OP for context, but I agree it's awesome.

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  • RingoRingo Registered User regular
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    When one finds a thread in Help and Advice titled 'Looking for Witchaloks' you tend to have certain expectations...

    ceres wrote: »
    I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread before I feel any worse about humanity.
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  • RamiusRamius Joined: July 19, 2000 Administrator, ClubPA admin
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    Maybe goes without saying, but for a little more context:

  • TychoCelchuuuTychoCelchuuu ___________PIGEON _________San Diego, CA Registered User regular
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    Can't decide if my favorite part is the Witchalok studying "Limit-Taking" or the line "broke my feral heart."

  • ForceVoidForceVoid Registered User regular
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    Why is this not five stars?


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