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PC freezes/reboots when plugging in headset

Blackbeard7Blackbeard7 Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm not really sure how to even go about troubleshooting this, so I thought I'd see what everyone thought.

Long story short, sometimes when I plug in my headset (more than half the time I'd say), my computer either freezes and I have to shut it down, or reboots right away. Needless to say it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

The headset is a turtle beach earforce X11 in case that matters. This does not happen when I plug anything else into this usb port, and I have not tried plugging the headset into one of the other ports on the front of the machine. Once the headset it in, either after said reboot or if nothing happens, it works just fine.

Should I start with trying a different port? Or is there a better place to start to figure this thing out?

Edit: now that I think of it, this did not always happen either. I'd say this is a more recent issue within the last couple weeks.

Blackbeard7 on


  • kneelingyakkneelingyak Registered User
    edited January 2011
    Does it reset when you plug in the USB plug or the 3.5mm plugs for sound/mic?

    It is possible that there is a small static change built up on the headset that it released into the PC when you connect it. I had a PC that would do exactly what you describe when I plugged in my headphones. You said it happens more recently so (assuming you are not in the southern hemisphere) the air is probably drier due to winter and it is much easier to build up a charge.

    I would suggest touching the plugs to something to ground them before plugging them in. Some metal part on your PC case that is NOT an input or switch would work. This metal must be grounded though so if it is just some little doodad that is connected to everything else through plastic it's no good. I usually use the sheet metal that is on the back of the case.

    kneelingyak on
  • Blackbeard7Blackbeard7 Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    Yeah, it's only the USB that does it.

    I'll have to give that a shot though. I probably never would have thought of that

    Blackbeard7 on
  • LaPuzzaLaPuzza Registered User regular
    edited January 2011
    I had this happen on my last PC - I was grounding out or something if I touched the case and the USB port together. I ended up having to play a game of Operation every time I plugged something in.

    LaPuzza on
    If I didn't know LaPuzza wasn't a spambot I would think that was a spambot post.
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