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Help / Advice Forum: AWESOME POST in "Awful girl thing.", by Sarcastro

Mortal SkyMortal Sky queer punkhedge witchRegistered User regular
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Basically, some user did a little heroin and now H+A is chewing him out for it. Then this little gem appeared.
Post: Awful girl thing.
Forum: Help / Advice Forum
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Posted by: Sarcastro
Original Content:
Rationalization is an astounding thing to behold. Usually this ability is applied to minor things- emotional arguments, petty social disobediences- basically anything in which a person knows that what they are doing is not that good, but have found a way to convince themselves its not all that bad either.

It's a natural process, reinforced by people around us who can see things the same way, or use the same arguments. And its amazing when the person is so utterly convinced of the 'okayness' of thier actions that they forget how the vast majority sees that action. The willingful creation of a blind spot extends past any specific action to include a part of their general being; how they are, whom they become involved with, how they see the world- and in this case, to forget how the world is likely to percieve and respond to something it generally doesn't agree with or want around. A person can become so entrenched in thier rationalizations, it becomes difficult, if not outright impossible, to see themselves as others are likely to see them.

To that end, and as a nod to this comic, I have replaced the rationalized behaivior in the sections below with something that carries a similar stigma and reaction across the general populous.
Alt-Beck wrote:
My other friends are still pretty highschool, or just too self-absorbed to really be any help, so I go over to my friend B's, and I raped some dogs with her. She's an artist, and really cool. I like her a lot. We don't really talk, but this gives me time to think, and cope, and it's actually pretty fruitful.

Sounds like one hell of a friend.
Alt-Beck wrote:
I don't plan on raping any more dogs. I'm not a serial dog-rapist or anything, I hadn't done it for like a year prior, and I don't plan on raping any dogs in the foreseeable future. I just needed to get myself together, I guess.

Hooray? then I guess?
Alt-Beck wrote:
I'm never in good health. I have a severe pain problem, which is mostly why I like raping dogs so much. The only dogs that actually eliminate pain in my body (or close to eliminate it) are dogs that I rape, Rottweillers, (which are much better, and I used to have rugular access to), etc.. Unfortunately, the routine with those knocks me out, so I'm stuck with rubbing poodles on my crotch, which is...Pathetic. And there's no solution to that problem. But stress makes my dog-boner a lot harder, and I just needed some relief, and once that was gone it was a lot easier to cope and deal with my emotions and thoughts on the matter. It didn't help that I was also going through a flare up (they last weeks sometimes), so I figured I may as well just hit up some hard dog raping and be done with it, because molesting dangerously large dogs not only sucks physically, but really fucks me up, emotionally, for a while.

Because this is what the original sounds like to anyone who hasn't self-lawyered the ever-loving shit out of thier psyche and situation.
Alt-Beck wrote:
I'm just not...I'm not raping dogs anymore. I don't think I'll do it again for years. But I'll probably do it again. I really like it. It's the best. At the same time, I know it's super dangerous and I know I'm playing with fire. But I'm far too unhappy to eliminate the idea of raping dogs again. Even if I never did it again.

And you say people just drop contact for no reason? Or just straight up remove you from thier lives? I can't possibly imagine why that would be. Those bastards. What a man does on his own time is between himself and his broadband connection, I always say.

What do you say to the man above? Fruitlessly address the social issues one at a time? I'm not even going so far to say that it's the source, just that its very hard to tell if someone is running a fever while they are running around on fire. There may be minor things in play, but considering that this specific lifestyle (hey it was just once and that cocker-poo was asking for it) could reasonably cause any normal person to make the sign of the cross while hissing and moving to the other side of the street, those things are going to be completely obscured by the larger issues in play.

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  • RikushixRikushix Registered User regular
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    I was going to mention this in the thread but I'll just say it here: Equating doing heroin with raping dogs isn't a good idea (because, you know, they aren't equitable), but equating the way one rationalizes them...well, yeah. Sarcastro makes a good point.

  • PonyPony Registered User regular
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    This is pretty excellent.

  • HonkHonk Registered User, __BANNED USERS regular
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    Pony wrote: »
    This is pretty excellent.

  • FalxFalx Registered User regular
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    It's full of stars...

  • bwaniebwanie Posting into the void Registered User regular
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    this is really contrived and pretty silly.

  • bowenbowen beso el culo shitlord in residenceRegistered User regular
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    Wait so he raped dogs or did heroin?

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  • KhoalaKhoala Registered User
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    The dogs were made of heroin, balloon-animal style.

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    bowen wrote: »
    Wait so he raped dogs or did heroin?
    Both! Welcome to the endgame of this heathen society

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    5 slippery slope stars.

    Demerdar wrote: »
    Imagine 60 thousand people screaming at an egg.
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    5 stars

    just all around great

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    Sarcastro is my heroine.

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