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Pimp my WoD Character (New and Old)

OtakuD00DOtakuD00D Can I hit the exploding rocks?San DiegoRegistered User regular
edited February 2007 in Critical Failures
So we had that other thread for a while. I'm sitting here, wondering why the hell we don't have one for World of Darkness games. Soo, I decided to make one. I'm not -too- knowledgeable myself, but I can definitely help out. If anyone's especially knowledgeable, feel free to chip in. Like the Pimp my D&D Character thread, I'll list the guidelines:

1) Your character in his or her current state.
2) What books/abilities/etc are allowed/not allowed.
3) What you want your character to do. A lot of advice will be useless if we tell you to do something that would go completely against the grain of your character.
4) I play a Gangrel in the nWoD, so I can say a bit about that. = P

Important tips mentioned in the thread go here. They will be labeled nWOD or WoD to differentiate between new system and old system:

(These first three I learned from my friend who ST's the games I'm in.)
1.) nWOD: During character creation, you should always fill up all three fields (Skills or Attributes. Works for both) with the lowest number of points (Like with Attributes: 7/5/4, or whatever the distribution is. Fill all three sections with 4.), then work your way up on the fields you want to focus on the most, as in Physical/Mental/Social, etc.

This gives you an easier time deciding what you want your stronger traits to be, rather than putting the most points into something that you might want to change as you build your character.

2.)nWOD: If you can avoid it, never put four points in an Attribute in Character creation. You're spreading yourself out too thin. You're going to end up doing a lot of luck rolls if you're not careful. My friend's a prime example of this.

3. BOTH: If you're new, pick Common Sense as a Merit. Not completely sure if this is implemented the way I think it is in nWoD, but it's worth a shot. If you're unsure of whether you're going to do something STUPID or something good in a game, the Common Sense merit will let you ask "Common Sense" (The ST) about what you're going to do.

OtakuD00D on


  • INeedNoSaltINeedNoSalt with blood on my teeth Registered User regular
    edited February 2007
    We don't have one because DND is a tactical skirmish game at its core while WoD is a roleplaying game at its core.

    Twinking a character in WoD is kinda pointless.

    "I want to make a character with a sword!" "Give him 5 strength, 5 dex, and 5 melee." "Okay!"

    INeedNoSalt on
  • OtakuD00DOtakuD00D Can I hit the exploding rocks? San DiegoRegistered User regular
    edited February 2007
    Shit, I never even thought about twinking when I made this. I was hoping it'd be a general thread for improving a badly planned character. Haha!

    It can help. Y'know, for when you really need to roll for something, or just have an easier time overall achieving what you want to do, and all that.

    OtakuD00D on
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